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    Carseat Crazy groovymom2000's Avatar
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    Apr 2003

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2004 Volvo V70r

    Passenger outboard Parkway--I will have to buckle this one.
    Center--Snugride, seatbelt
    Driver OB--FF Radian, LATCH

    The Groovymom, Mom to DS v1.0 in a seatbelt and DS v2.0, in the Monterrey

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    April, 2001

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    Carseat Crazy Andie's Avatar
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    Jan 2008

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1998 Mercury Sable

    Driver OB - RF Uptown
    Middle - RF Scenera
    Passenger OB - Nautilus

    All installed with seat belt. Not checked by tech, but all are independently tight. Have to install the Nautilus first, as far over as you can get with the funky contours, then the Scenera and then the Uptown. The vehicle seats are squishy, so the Uptown fits a little under the side of the Scenera. However this doesn't affect the install, as it is not braced.

    Mom to:
    Al -12- | CJ -6- |Kaylee -12/28/12-

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    CPS Technician emandbri's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    St. Peters MO (burb of St. Louis)

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2004 sienna.
    3rd row

    3 britax marathons. It would not have worked if I had to have them all forward facing, they wouldn't have puzzled well together. I had to use the seat belt instead of the latch on the middle marathon, the latch moved it over too far to the side.

    It was A LOT of work! I basically had to recline the seats of the van, buckle them in but not tighten them and then buckle each of them a little bit at a time and then go to the next seat. Getting one in and then trying to get the others in did not work.

    2004 sienna
    middle row
    rear-facing marathon
    forward facing marathon

    The middle row is much bigger, I think pretty much anything will fit there!

    Emily tech and mom to Jacob 16, Daniel 13, Benjamin 9, Elizabeth 6. Child care provider to 4 other kiddos.

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    CPS Technician Pixels's Avatar
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    Worcester county, MA

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2008 Honda Fit

    Driver's side: BabyTrend FlexLoc, LATCH
    Center: FFing Radian (seatbelt, there is no LATCH in this position) with top tether
    Passenger's: BabyTrend FlexLoc, works with either LATCH or seatbelt.

    Not tech-checked, this was just me playing in the parking lot.

    I had to use just about every trick there is in order to get the Radian in there correctly. Recline the vehicle seats. Remove the headrests from the center and driver's positions and store securely. Twist the female buckle stalk twice, and the little clippy thing (the one that you clip the seatbelt into when it comes down from the ceiling) once. It is easier to twist the stalks if you lift the seat bottom about half way up, this lets the belt twist below the level of the seat cushions. Take the little clippy thing and the driver's side female buckle out of their elastic holders. Put the RN in recline mode. Loosely connect the top tether. Buckle and tighten, keeping the seat as centered on the vehicle seat as possible (not centered in the seatbelt). It will still be too loose, now you have to let it slide a bit toward the driver's side to get an acceptable install. Once it moves less than one inch at the belt path, push it as far towards the passenger's side as you can (it won't go far, but you need those millimeters). Install the FlexLoc bases. Move the vehicle seat backs back into upright position, then take the slack out of the Radian's top tether.

    The Radian and driver's side seats touch/press slightly on each other but they are independently tight. There is about an inch of room between the FlexLoc seat and the door. There is tons of room on the passenger's side. The seats do not touch each other, and the FlexLoc also does not touch the door. The driver's side FlexLoc seat is a bit tougher than normal to get clicked into the base because it is pressing a bit on the Radian. I used two hands (one at the top of the seat and one at the foot) and pressed down while listening for the clicks to tell me it was in.
    Melissa, CPST and Mom to three

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    Carseat Crazy Thanksgiving_Twins_Mom's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    SF Bay Area

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1997 Civic (pre-LATCH so all seatbelts, but you knew that already ):
    Parkway, RSTV, Parkway
    FPSV booster, CarGo, FPSV (pain to buckle but do-able, just barely)

    2005 Highlander - all seat belt installs
    Parkway, Turbo, Parkway (PITA to buckle, but do-able)
    Parkway, FPSV booster, Parkway (much easier to buckle)
    I *think* I also did various 2 Parkway, 1 CarGo and 2 CarGo, 1 Parkway configurations but can't remember, and have since donated one CarGo to a mom with a home daycare to replace an expired OHS and the other is on loan to a family in my twins club so I can't test it out.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Jan 2009

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    My First Three across...
    Lexus Rx300 2002

    Outboard: FF Eddie Bauer Deluxe (the one without recline) LATCH install
    Middle: RF Alpha Omega Elite Sport Belt install
    Outboard: Graco Turbo Backless Turbo Booster

    Not check by tech I had pick up friends kids and then drop them and their seats off at the another babysitters. But they were all really solid.

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    CPS Technician LuckyFins3Lil'Fish's Avatar
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    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1999 Suzuki Vitara

    Outboard: lap/shoulder belt, middle lap belt

    Flex Loc (no base), FF FPSVD, Flex Loc (no base)

    Not checked by tech
    DS: 2-3-06 Boostered in a Diono Monterey. DDs: 3-21-08 FF Evenflo Big Kid Amp & Britax Frontier 85 Booster Mode
    Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. ~Franklin P. Jones

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    Senior Community Member o_mom's Avatar
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    Jan 2007

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1997 Buick LeSabre

    Starriser Comfy, Marathon (center lap belt), Parkway

    I honestly can't imagine that you couldn't get just about any three seats in this car. The back seat is huge and has locking latchplates in all three spots. No headrests, so you need to keep that in mind when picking seats.

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    CPS Technician Misty-Bug's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1996 Ford Taurus Station wagon

    SR Driver side
    Radian FFing center, lap belt
    Radian FFing passenger side outboard, lap/shoulder belt

    in place of the SR I can fit other seats like a SS1, evenflo, booster etc
    SAHM to Cooper, 04/16/06 and Aurora, 06/25/11

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    Apr 2008

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2007 Honda Odyssey

    Full set of LATCH in 2nd row passenger and driver's side and 3rd row middle. Top Tethers in all positions except 2nd row middle 'plus one' set.

    Passenger:Center: Driver

    2nd Row
    Nautilus (harness mode; seatbelt or latch install): FPSVB(high back): SS1 with base (seatbelt or latch install)

    3rd Row
    Graco CarGo(harness): FPSVB (high back): TB (high back);

    SS1 with base:FPSVB (high back): TB (high back)

    2001 VW Passat Wagon

    Top tethers, no lower anchors

    Passenger: Center: Driver

    Graco CarGo(harness): FPSVB(backless):SS1 with base

    Not checked by a tech.

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    CPS Fanatic zeo2ski's Avatar
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    upstate NY

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    ****Please note: Poster has since discovered that the Radian install in this position is not compatible in this position, so these 3 across are no longer valid****

    1998 Chevy Suburban
    All in the third row, all seat belts (middle is lap with locking latchplate, outboard are l/s):

    All FFing, BLVD, RNXT, BLVD. Had to do drivers side BLVD first, then RN, then for the 3rd BLVD I had to buckle it before sliding the seat into position in order to reach the buckle, then tighten. The Radian needs tricks, but I'll post that in the radian install thread.

    The same seats, same ordered worked RFing as well, but the last BLVD was *extremely* difficult to use the lock off, but possible. Install the same order as FFing and again, buckle before positioning the last BLVD.

    It was not possible to do any combination of RF and FF together with those seats.

    Second set up, still 3rd row seat belts:
    (starting from passenger outboard) snugride, FFing RN XT, FFing BLVD

    install BLVD, then Radian, then SR. The SR base was really wedged in there and I couldn't tell if it was actually installed tight or not until I removed the Radian (and it was). It was wedged tightly but did not bend the plastic out of shape.

    Not checked by tech.
    Last edited by snowbird25ca; 01-27-2011 at 11:50 AM. Reason: updated that 3 across isn't possible after all (post too old for poster to edit herself)
    B-- 6.5y harnessed cowmoo FR85;
    Sl--5y RF RXT;
    H-- 2.5 RF RNXT;M--7mos CCOA--1 mos KF30 and R 1.5 RXT

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    CPS Technician
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    Apr 2008

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    I have a couple of different situations to put here for those who may be looking.

    First, 2003 Dodge Caravan:
    Evenflo Titan (ff), seatbelt, no tether available. (I can also put either my Evenflo Big Kid Booster OR my Graco Turbo Booster here but it is difficult to buckle)
    Graco SS1, seatbelt
    Graco CarGo, seatbelt, no tether available.

    Second, 1998 Subaru Impreza:
    Graco TurboBooster
    Evenflo Titan (rf) OR Graco SS1
    Graco CarGo, seatbelt, no tether available

    I love how narrow the CarGo is plus it has super high harness slots. That is the ONLY seat my dd fits in other than the hwh seats at 41 inches.

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    Moderator - CPS Technician safeinthecar's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Bay Area California

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    Not technically 3 across, since it was two seats and a mom, but posting it anyway.

    2004 VW Touareg *really firm seats, kinda hard to get enough weight*

    MOM/Peg Perego Primo Viaggo (rfing w/seat belt)/MA (ffing w/seat belt)

    MA had to be pretty close to the door. LATCH install put it too close to the infant seat.

    Did not work with MA on passenger side, only on driver side. Something low profile enough to get below the infant seat handle would have worked.

    Sorry, no pics. This was a check and client did not want me to take any.
    Proud mommy of Becky 18! Danny 15 Hope 12~Auntie to William-14, David-10, and Logan 2~

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    CPST/Firefighter Judi's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Dallas, Oregon

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    1998 Dodge Ram 2500.

    Roosevelt (works SBP or LBP)
    Frontier- lap only
    Regent/Husky/Traveler Plus

    2002 Dodge Neon

    RF Graco Comfort Sport
    FF Graco Cargo
    FF Graco Nautilus

    All installed with seat belts. I wouldn't recomend it, but it is doable.
    Last edited by Judi; 03-01-2009 at 03:07 AM.

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    CPS Technician christineka's Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2007 toyota sienna

    3rd row:
    rfing tribute, rfing scenera, turbobooster
    rfing tribute, ffing scenera, turbobooster
    rfing tribute, rfing radian, vivo/ nautilus/ turbobooster
    fp booster, rfing scenera, rfing tribute
    rfing radian, rfing radian, vivo

    Not my 3 across, but I saw it and thought I'd add it while I was adding mine:
    parkway, ffing marathon, parkway *note* kids could buckle their boosters!!!
    Last edited by christineka; 03-21-2009 at 01:50 PM.

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    CPS Technician TXDani's Avatar
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    Jun 2004

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2009 Acura TL

    Compass B510 booster, Clek Oto, Britax Marathon

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    CPS Technician bobandjess99's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    I added 2 more 3-across situations in my stupid narrow backseat.

    07 kia optima ( hyundai sonata clone)

    vision used as booster, AOE used as booster, eddie bauer infant bucket.


    vision used as booster, RFing titan, eddie bauer infant bucket.

    Seat belt install on the bucket both times, seatbelt for the RF titan.

    Boosters were nearly impossible to buckle, needed both adults wedging in there and swearing to get them buckled.
    I woudl not recommend the first scenario except in an emergency.
    the second scenario, wasn't that bad, but still a pain. I would *choose* to do it only as long as it took me to save up for a radian.

    Alex, 8 Katie, 12 and Annabelle Jan 2017

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    CPS Technician
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    Mar 2009
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    Red face Re: Successful Three Across thread

    5 seats in 1 2002 Grand Caravan (Quad Seating)
    DRIVER Passenger
    SS1 APEX65
    RFScenera, ff scenera highrise

    Had some issues with getting everything in, as I wanted to put the apex on the back bench, but its too bloody wide to do anything with there. would be great if i was using the outboard position, and nothing in the middle, but alas, its in the front.
    Had to move the SS1 behind me because it caused too much of a blind spot when doing shoulder checks on the passenger side.
    SS1's seat head rest is removed to accomodate the RF scenera. lots of clearance this way. FF scenera is installed lap only, and had to put a locking clip on it because the cinching latchplate wasn't holding true.
    I love crs's

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    CPS Technician ame0312's Avatar
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    May 2008
    everett, pa

    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    "FF scenera is installed lap only, and had to put a locking clip on it because the cinching latchplate wasn't holding true."

    you cant use a locking clip on a lap belt...
    mommy to Mariya Adysen 11/28/07
    Austin Chase 06/30/09

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    CPS Fanatic
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    Re: Successful Three Across thread

    2007 Base Kia sedona(different than the long base)

    Britax Parkway, RF scenera, FPSV(Booster)

    RF Scenera, FPSV, Britax Parkway

    RF scenera, Britax Parkway, FPSV

    RF scenera, FPSV, Evenflo Chase

    *ALL Carseats were installed with seatbelt. The parkway was always tilted. :-(

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