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Thread: Graco Nautilus

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    Graco Nautilus

    I purchased the G Nautilus at my local Wal-mart for $149.99

    I was amazed at how huge and heavy the box was! It took up the entire back seat of my Misubishi Lancer.

    Once I got the beast inside of the house I pulled it out of the box. This seat does require quite a bit of assembly to get it together, but it is quite simple if you read the instructions from the manual.

    You need to snap the headrest in place.

    The arm rests in place.

    The seat has quite a bit of EPS foam on the head rest, more than most seats!

    The harness straps are threaded through the guides and rest on red rollers that makes harness adjusting a BREEZE.

    Here is the seat on the lowest setting compared to the Britax Marathon

    The highest harness setting

    The head rest does raise one more increment to use as a booster

    The cover is very similar to the turbo booster, but the infant insert is a lot softer, very similar to the "super cool" cover on the radian.

    The seat installs like easily and I was able to get a great install.

    Latch/Tether are NOT to be used on the seat while in booster mode. The harness needs to be removed as well when using in booster mode. (I just didn't want to spend the time removing it for this picture)

    Measurements of the seat that I could get

    You can read the manual directly from the Graco website at:

    The more I use this seat the more I love it. The seat does have 2 recline positions but it seems to just cause an installation problem more than recline the actual seat so I never use it in either recline position.

    I would (and already have) definitely recommend this seat to friends, especially those growing out of the harness heights of the marathon.

    The only thing I would change on this seat if given the opportunity, would be to change the LATCH attachers to the britax alligator style, allow it to rear face and give it an 8 year expiration instead of 6 year.

    The only installation problem is that this seat will not be able to be used as a backless booster due the way my seats are designed. (They are angled upward between the buckle stalk and the back of the seat)

    Feel free to send me a PM with any questions or for specific pictures.

    Brendan's Mom has also posted some great comparision pictures on her thread you can see below:


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