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    Transport Canada Recalls and Consumer Information Notices

    The following is a list of recent Transport Canada Recalls and Consumer Information Notices. Please keep in mind that this list is not all inclusive. Always register your child restraint after purchasing it to ensure the manufacturer is able to contact you in the event of a recall.

    La liste suivante détaille les rappels de Transports Canada et d'affiches d'information du consommateur les plus récentes. Veuillez garder en tête que cette liste n'est pas nécessairement tout à fait à jour. Toujours enregistrer votre siège d'auto d'enfant après l'achat pour vous rassurer que le fabricant soit capable de vous contacter en cas de rappel.

    A complete list of recalls and notices is available on Transport Canada's site.
    Une liste complète des rappels et des notifications est disponible sur le site web de Transport Canada.

    Public Notices: (recalls affecting safety and performance of child restraint.)
    Les affiches publiques: (rappels qui affectent la sécurité et la performance du siège d'auto.)

    Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Seat, Base Release Handle (Public Notice) - February 5, 2010

    Dorel Distribution Canada Designer 22 Infant Carrier: Potential for Handle Separation (Public Notice) - December 18, 2009

    Translation Error in Safety 1st Enspira Infant/Child/Booster Seat Manual (Consumer Information Notice) - November 12, 2009

    Graco Nautilus Incorrect National Safety Mark Label
    Release Date April 14/09:

    Cosco Scenera Incorrect English Language Label
    Release Date March 16/09:

    Cosco and Eddie Bauer Products Harness Slippage Amendment (combination seats made during period of original recall now included)
    Release Date January 28/09:

    Britax Frontier Child/Booster Restraint: Possible Harness Detachment
    Release date December 15/08:

    Britax Diplomat Infant/Child Restraint System: Incorrect French Language Instructions
    Release date November 5/08:

    Monterey Booster Cushion Incorrect English Language Warning Label and Missing Date of Manufacture Information
    Release date October 7/08:

    True Fit Infant/Child Restraint System: Incorrect French Language Label
    Release date July 3/08:

    Importation of Non-Complying Car Seats
    Release date June 16/08:

    Britax Roundabout Infant/Child Restraint System: Fit Requirements
    Release date March 18/08: {francais}

    Combi Centre Infant Carrier Separation From Base
    Release date March 3/08: {francais}

    Graco ComfortSport Infant/Child Restraint System: UAS Belt Routing
    Release date Dec 14/07: {francais}

    Britax Canadian Roundabout Infant/Child Restraint System: Labels
    Release date Dec 14/07: {francais}

    Graco SnugRide Infant Restraint System: Seat Pad Replacement
    Release date Dec 14/07: {francais}

    Cosco, Eddie Bauer and Safety 1st Products Harness Slippage
    Release date Aug 31/07: {francais}

    Sunshine Kids Radian Infant/Child Restraint System SafeStop Load-Limiting Device
    Release date May 18/07: {francais}

    Consumer Information Notices:
    Affiches d'information pour le consommateur:

    Evenflo Triumph Advance Child Restraint System - English and French Labels
    Release Date: December 23, 2008:

    Children’s car seats and booster cushions: How long are they safe?
    Release date Dec 13/07:

    Pendant combien de temps les sièges d’enfant et les coussins d’appoint sont-ils sécuritaires?
    Date de l'avis: Le 14 décembre 2007

    Cross Border Shopping Is Not the Best Deal for Your Child’s Safety
    Release date Nov 8/07:

    Les achats outre-frontière ne sont pas ce qu’il y a de mieux pour la sécurité de votre enfant
    Date de l'avis: Le 8 novembre 2007

    Interim Order for 30-kg (65-lb) Rated Child Restraint Systems in Canada
    Release date May 22/07:

    Arrêté à effet provisoire concernant les ensembles de retenue pour enfant de 30 kg (65 lb) de capacité au Canada
    Date de l'avis: Le 22 mai 2007

    Please continue to discuss any recalls or notices in the forum.
    Veuillez continuer à discuter des rappels ou des notifications/avis sur le forum.
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    Trudy - Canadian CPSAC certified CRST Instructor-Trainer and mommy to:
    Janeen - 17 yrs and learning to drive!
    Jillian - 11 yrs, 80'ish lbs, 5-stepping in each car. :O
    Jonas - 8yrs, 65lbs, Riding in an Oobr in each car.
    Both safely riding in either a 2007 Outlook or a 2015 Subaru Legacy depending on the day.

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