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    Question Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    We had a mishap with some spilled paint and I went to Britax's website to order a new cover, straps, hugs pad and chest clip (it got everywhere) , but I also need a new tether and I didn't see it listed under replacement parts. I have a 4 year old Roundabout that we no longer use, could I take the tether from that? Will it fit the Marathon??
    I did a google search for replacing parts and found this site, I hope someone knows???
    Thanks in advance!

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    Admin - CPS Technician Emeritus UlrikeDG's Avatar
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    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    You should not borrow the tether from the Roundabout. I'm pretty sure the tether on the Marathon is replacable. Just give them a call on Monday: 1-888-4-BRITAX.
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    CPS Technician Victorious4's Avatar
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    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    I don't have a Britax convertible anymore, but I would not change the top tether on your own. You could use any Britax D-ring, but please call their toll free Customer Service number for help on this.
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    CPS Technician crunchierthanthou's Avatar
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    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    I would call Britax as well. My only other suggestion is to order everything at once. They charge at least $8 shipping whether it is all the items you mentioned or a single chest clip.

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    CPS Technician TXAggieTech's Avatar
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    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    The tether is replaceable. I ordered our over the phone from Britax for a tether that looked like it had been hanging out the car door for a few miles!

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    CPS Technician
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    Apr 2007

    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    Back when retailers could order accessories one of the things available was a tether kit so I know for sure they exist. Do NOT use the Roundabout tether. It isn't crash tested with the heigher weight of the Marathon.

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    CPS Technician Auntie2Avi's Avatar
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    Re: Can I order a new tether fom Britax?

    Short answer, yes call the CS line and they will send it to you.

    Long answer: Avi's father broke the tether clip of the MA when he was taking it out of the car once, and we had to order one. It was very easy to replace IMO.


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