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    Nautilus 65LX Install Help

    I need some help. My 5 year old son is 44.6lb so I need to switch his carseat in my husband's car to seatbelt install (vs latch). Problem is I just cannot get a tight install. Vehicle is a 2011 Pathfinder. I had this same problem in last vehicle (Ford escape but thankfully he was lighter so we just stuck with latch). I'm usually really good at getting really tight installs. I followed all the instructions and all my tricks I've learned over the years. Install is 2nd row behind drivers seat. I did lock seat belt. Did the whole knee in seat while rocking side to side and tightening belt etc. I am really not a fan of this seat at all but he isn't ready for a booster seat yet so I'd like to keep him harnessed another year.

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    Nautilus 65LX Install Help

    I always tighten the seat then lock the belt. It gives me more room to manipulate the seat belt to get the best leverage. Often the best leverage is obtained by peeling back the seat cover and pulling right in the belt path. If a seat is really stubborn, I tighten what I can then lock the belt and let it mostly retract. Then I grab the shoulder belt in the belt path and pull straight out from the back of the seat. The locked belt can help with leverage for that last bit. I also may combine this trick with pushing down on each arm of the seat, one side at a time, back and forth between the two.

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    Re: Nautilus 65LX Install Help

    Are the buckle stalks hitting the belt path in these vehicles by chance? If so, twisting them down can really help. I pull from inside the belt path near the buckle before locking the belt and it's an easy install in most cars.
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