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    Michelle Lopez

    Red face Wondering if this baby capsule is safe

    I ordered 3 in 1 baby stroller online. It comes with baby stroller, sleeping bassinet and baby car seat.
    This baby car seat is convenient to use but has no base. I wonder if it is safe.

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    Moderator - CPS Technician
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    Re: Wondering if this baby capsule is safe

    The only brand name I can find at all is B.Childhood on the stroller, which appears to be non-US. Also the description says that the stroller meets European standards but makes no mention of the car seat meeting any standards whatsoever. So I'd definitely steer clear!

    ETA: I read some of the questions and the seller links to a you tube video with Chinese characters, so it is most likely a Chinese seat that is not certified for use in the US.
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    Re: Wondering if this baby capsule is safe

    Scary if some of those 5 star reviews are people using the car seats, they don't appear to be legal to use in the US.
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    Re: Wondering if this baby capsule is safe

    A lot of these seats are poorly made and not crash tested; they may have plastic where there should be metal, substandard harness straps etc. (In fact, I would even be cautious using the stroller and check it over very carefully for safety issues.)

    Here's an article on this growing problem:
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