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    Converting to a Booster on Diono Radian Rxt

    I have 4 kids, and we have 4 Diono Radian RXTs. My oldest son just outgrew the requirements for using the seat as a 5 point restraint, and I need to change him to a booster. I've read the instruction manual several times, and it seems like I just leave the seat loose in the car and seatbelt it in with him in it. I can see how that's fine if he's in it, but when he's in school, I have my younger 3 in the car. I'm worried about having such a heavy seat essentially loose in the car if we get in a wreck. It seems it could go flying forward and hit one of the kids in the middle row. Is if safe for me to use the LATCH to secure it into the car, just to hold the weight of the seat, and have him use the seatbelt for his body?

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    Re: Converting to a Booster on Diono Radian Rxt

    Hello! Yes, it's fine for you to use the lower LATCH connectors and top tether to install the seat while he uses the seat belt in booster mode. Just make sure that the LATCH connectors aren't covering up or crossing over any seat belt buckles. You may also want to see if he fits well in booster mode. The RXT is a weird seat in that once a child outgrows the harness in height, he's usually outgrown it in booster mode too. His shoulders need to be below the headwings, which have the shoulder belt guides in them in order to position the shoulder belt guide properly. The shoulder belt should also retract properly should he lean forward.

    If he's outgrown the seat or the shoulder belt doesn't retract properly, look for a dedicated highback booster. The Evenflo Spectrum, Graco TurboBooster, any of the Britax boosters, the Chicco KidFit, and others like them are great choices.

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