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    How to keep drivers belt tight


    I have sensory issues and have always preferred my drivers seatbelt to be tight around me. Since it doesn’t lock like the rear seats, is there a safe way to keep it tight? Would a bet shortening clip from the car manufacturer be safe to use? I have a 2020 Subaru Legacy.

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    Re: How to keep drivers belt tight

    I would say it is NOT safe to use a belt-shortening clip for this purpose unless approved by the vehicle manufacturer. For one thing, it would only keep the lap portion of the belt tight and would do nothing to keep the shoulder belt section snug. In the same manner, it could defeat any force limiting or other safety features incorporated into the lap belt section of the driver's seat belt. These are designed specifically with airbags in mind and anything that defeats them could be a safety hazard. This no doubt varies by vehicle and seatbelt designs. I hope someone can offer you a different solution.

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    Re: How to keep drivers belt tight

    There's really not a safe way to alter the tightness of the seatbelt without altering its function, which is dangerous.

    As I suggested in the other thread about this issue, you might consider tight undergarments or speak to an OT about a compression or weighted vest for calming sensory input instead.
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