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    Bubblebum for Rideshare/Taxi

    I am hoping to get some opinions from this group on a dilemma I am having. We are headed to Disney in December. Our youngest son will be having his 4th Birthday while we are there. He is 41" and right at the 40lb mark right now.

    We have an early breakfast reservation at another resort before the Disney busses are up and running for the day, so we are limited on our options to getting there. I am doing research into Minnie Vans (Disney's own Lyft service), Uber Car Seat vs. regular Uber/Lyft. The Disney and Uber Car Seat options are 2-3x the cost and significantly longer waiting times than the regular uber/lift to get between the resorts. We will have his Maestro with us for the plane and a one-day car rental later in the trip (long drive to the coast) and will have a Bubblebum for our oldest for the long trip in the rental.

    It doesn't make sense to haul his Maestro since we are headed to the parks on their transportation right after breakfast. I never thought I would ask this question, but: Would you consider using a Bubblebum for a 6 mile trip on Disney Property using a rideshare for a toddler that size who is normally harnessed? He technically fits all the specs (well, it is two days before his 4th birthday), and I will be sitting right next to him.

    Big brother is currently 54" and 50lb and will be 7 when we travel. I am not ready for him to be out of his booster full time, but I am comfortable having him without it for this quick trip.
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    Re: Bubblebum for Rideshare/Taxi

    Are you sure the bus won't be running? What resort are you staying in and where is your breakfast?
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    Re: Bubblebum for Rideshare/Taxi

    The BubbleBum has a 4 year minimum. If he's had his birthday and you can sit next to him to enforce sitting still it's something I'd consider.

    What I would NOT consider is going without a booster for the 7 year old, even for a block. So you'd need 2 boosters to make that work. Crashes happen just as often to ride shares and taxis as normal cars, quick trip crashes can happen, and the group most likely to be killed or severely injured (other than not wearing seatbelt at all) are kids not using a booster who should be.
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