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    2009 dodge journey and 3 carseats

    Hey so we are tight on money and my parents are loaning us their 2009 dodge journey for when my twins arrive. They have the bucket infant carseats (babytrend brand). So we will have 2 of those PLUS my son's carseat. He's 20 months old (almost 2 when the twins arrive) about 29 lbs and 33 inches tall. Hes currently rear facing in his Graco Extend2Fit.
    The journey does have its third row but on here some said that's not allowed? And some say rear facing is allowed in the back seat (which his car seat can be rear facing till 45 to 50 lbs apparently). But then a lot of people say it wont fit.
    We just picked it up tonight and I was going to fool around with it tomorrow but does anyone have any idea how I could possibly make these work?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 2009 dodge journey and 3 carseats

    What specific model of BabyTrend seats do you have? I assume they are new? I ask because older versions of some of their rear-facing only seats did not fit small babies well. There also may be different installation methods and widths.

    The third row wouldn't be appropriate for a forward-facing harnessed seat because it doesn't have any top tether anchors. Maybe that's what someone meant when they said an installation back there wasn't allowed. I wouldn't be surprised if it would be a tight fit for a rear-facing seat, but it could be possible. Yes, the Extend2Fit rear-faces to 50 pounds, and is actually pretty compact when installed RF.

    If you can get three across, it seems to me that the E2F is most likely the best one to install in the center because of the hinges there. A convertible is more likely to avoid hitting those than a RFO base. Remember to install all 3 seats with the seat belts to give you the most wiggle room. Another thought I had probably has a low chance of success, but I will mention it just in case. You could try putting two seats on the 60 portion of the 2nd row and have the third seat in the 3rd row behind the 40 portion. If the 40 portion is adjusted forward all they way, it may make enough room for a RF seat behind it.

    Hope you found/find a solution!
    Former CPST
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    Re: 2009 dodge journey and 3 carseats

    There’s no way to fit a rear facing seat in the 3rd row of the Journey. There is SO little space back there. 3 across the 2nd row is possible with very slim seats. Luckily, the Baby Trend infant seats are some of the slimmest available (although they can be tricky to install in some cars). I really don’t see the Extend2Fit working for the 3-across set up. Give it a try, but most likely you will need something really slim like the Clek Foonf, Clek Fllo, or Combi Coccoro for big bro.

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