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    Exclamation Did she pass the 5 step booster test? Toyota 4runner. Britax Clicktight

    Momma of two, ages 6 & 9. My 9 year old weighs 72lbs and is about 54" tall, with a seated torso height of 18.5". Super long legs. (my son is 50", 60lbs).

    I drive a 2016 Toyota 4runner, 7 seat version. My kids were both riding in their Britax ClickTight Frontiers (in 5-point harness mode) until today.

    I am asking for help with this backseat drama.

    My 9 year old rode in a different vehicle so her 2015 Britax clicktight (in 5 point harness mode) was uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times in one day. When I went to reinstall it in our 4runner, some random pieces of hardware came rolling out. Not good.

    So I borrowed a backless booster from the neighbor and tried it out. The backless booster had the vehicle belt super flat on her thighs but down farther than i've seen in photos, maybe an inch from her hipbones, and the shoulder belt crossed at or a touch below here shoulder. The shoulder belt height is NOT adjustable in this car. It looked like the booster was in fact making her too tall for the seatbelt.

    I removed the booster, and had her sit directly on the bench seat. She totally passes the 5 checkpoints of riding witiout a booster. Am I right? Can you look at these photos and see if you notice anything I'm missing? Should her lap belt actually be a bit flatter on her thighs? It is not on her belly at all. Her shoulder belt postiion looks good to me. But I need an extra set of eyes on it.

    If she does need a booster, is there a brand that is not as tall as the one I borrowed? (it was a scrappy booster, no cover, very sticky so I cant even tell you want it was) or are all backless boosters the same height? But the backless booster we tried was a big NO

    In case the photos are not clear, she is flat footed on the floor.

    I saw on the Car Seat Lady 5-step-test page that I could envision a cup of water on the lap belt and it it would spill, it's not a good position. With that in mind, it looks like our lap belt is incorrect.


    thank you.

    Additional Info: We cannot use our Britax Clicktight as a high back booster. We tried and struggled. The vehicle shoulder belt is much lower than the belt guides on the Britax, so it creates this awkward slack bubble twist problem that kicks the should belt out of the britax shoulder guides. We called and connected with Britax, they sent us a new shoulder guide but this didnt' help.


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    Re: Did she pass the 5 step booster test? Toyota 4runner. Britax Clicktight

    Hi there. I believe the problem you had in adding photos was because you weren't an approved member of our forums, so I approved your registration. You should be OK to add pics now.

    Usually when a child is your daughter's size, they're at that cusp of being too big for a regular booster but not quite 5-stepping. If that's the case, the Safety 1st Incognito ( is usually a good choice since it's only a couple of inches tall. Other taller boosters, but shorter than most, are the Cosco Rise ( and the Harmony Youth Booster (

    We'll be better able to assess if she's passing the 5-step test with pictures, though, so if you can add those, it would be helpful.

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