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    Replacing Extend2Fit for 4 year old

    Due to an accident, I need to replace our Extend2Fit, which my 4 year old has been happily rear-facing in. He's around 40" and 35 lbs, and comfortable rear-facing in both the Extend2Fit and the Graco Contender.

    Would you get a new Extend2Fit and if so, which model?
    • Regular Extend2Fit
    • Extend2Fit Rapid Remove
    • Extend2Fit 3 in 1
    • Extend2Fit 3 in 1 with TrueShield
    • 4ever Extend2 Fit

    Or would you just go for a FF seat, especially given the recent reports that the benefits of RF over FF may not be as large as previously thought? If I did this, I'd want a narrower, lighter car seat.

    The new car seat will be going into a 2019 Prius LE.
    We have a 2015 Britax Parkway HBB booster from 2015 and a bubble bum, both waiting to be grown into, so a booster isn't an issue.


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    Re: Replacing Extend2Fit for 4 year old

    When was the BubbleBum made? Your Parkway will expire in 2021. Your BubbleBum is good for four years from first inflation. Two things to keep in mind.

    The Rapid Remove is just a different cover. It's easier to take off to wash.

    The booster function of the 3 in 1 is shorter than a lot of boosters you can buy, and it's harder for a child to buckle in. Think of your Extend2Fit versus the Parkway you own. You're six. You have six year old arms. Which would you rather buckle in? Sitting high and having to reach around all of that and down to the buckle, or already being low and having the buckle right there? The same goes for the 4Ever Extend2Fit. It sits high and is harder for a child to buckle, even as a backless. The Parkway is easier. Nearly all dedicated boosters are.

    So of the Extend2Fits, I'd look at the regular or the rapid remove (depends how often you need to wash it. For those who need to wash it often, the rapid remove is a lifesaver).

    Rear facing is always safer, but at four, I'd definitely re-evaluate and see how my child and I feel about it. I would have no qualms at all about going forward facing. Money where my mouth is, I didn't. I turned my younger on her fourth birthday. Then back around again when she asked. Then forward facing. Then back again. I think she asked to be flipped about three times all in. My older did the same. She went back and forth a few times (she was born in 2002, and I turned her initially at 2.5, then back again at 3y10m, then forward nearly for good at 4y10m. I'm getting fuzzy on my dates, it's been a while. I'd have to do a search here to see. Then she rear faced again right around her fifth birthday for practical reasons. I needed shoulder space in my backseat for visitors, and that was the best way to get it). So, I really honestly and truly wouldn't.

    For a narrower and lighter seat, I'd look at the Evenflo Maestro, Graco Tranzitions/Wayz, and Harmony Defender. You could also see how much room he's got above his shoulders in a Cosco Finale. He should have quite a bit.

    I hope this helps!

    wendy, cpst-i mom to
    piper, 7/26/02, 62", 108#, seatbelt, driving her own car
    laine 9/16/09, 54", 96#, Nuna Aaces, Diono Solana 2
    in my husband's 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser, my 2017 Volvo XC90, and big sister's 2016 Honda Civic  785

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    Re: Replacing Extend2Fit for 4 year old

    Thanks! I'm planning to keep him in the Graco Contender until he hits 40lbs, then switch to the Evenflo Maestro Sport, based on the 2019 Consumer Reports car seat report. I was disappointed to see that the Harmony Defender and Britax combination carseats all sustained damage at 35mph in the Consumer Reports crash tests.

    Our recent accident was on a 4-lane freeway at well over 35mph, and even though no other cars were involved, we are d*** lucky to be alive and completely unhurt. And the 4 year old slept through it all in his Extend2Fit.

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