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    LATCH replacement

    Hey, I have two Graco seats, one a rear facing convertible and one a harnessed booster and I can't stand the manual hooked Latch straps. I contacted Graco about upgrading to one of their other types of straps and got a generic response of you can't change your car seat....blah blah blah. I get the best for using the latch and anchors but with having car troubles I am changing seats around quiet a bit. I can unlatch them once the strap gets loosened up but I have trouble and takes a bit to get the strap to loose. I push the button in and pull but it just is so tight I can't really push the button in enough and pull. Maybe I'm tightening my seats too far idk. After I get them installed they don't move at all. My infant carrier seat is a Chicco Keyfit 30 and have the buckle type latch and it's easy as pie but he's within a quarter inch of being too tall for it. Is it safe to change out the lower latch? Aren't they all safe? Especially from the same maufacturer? I don't have money to spend on new seats just for the straps especially since these have years left before they expire. Thank you.

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    Re: LATCH replacement

    Unfortunately it would not be safe to alter your seats in any way. They were designed and tested for the equipment they came with. What I would actually suggest, since you are moving seats in and out of various vehicles, would be to install with the seat belt instead. I totally understand how frustrating the hook type latch attachments are, it would be great if all seats had the push on type, but using the seat belt to install is just as safe and it’s much easier to get your seats back out when you need to move them. We would be happy to give you suggestions for seat belt installs for your specific seats so you can feel confident doing them. Which specific Graco convertibles do you have?

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    Re: LATCH replacement

    In addition to what katymyers said, lower anchors do have weight limits. You can find this information on newer seats. It will be on a lower anchor sticker on the side of the seat and in the instruction manual. How much does your older child weigh and what seat is he/she in? If your child is at the limit, you would need to use the seat belt and top tether to install the seat.

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