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    Help with Booster for 7 yr old with hypotonia

    We're still using our Frontiers (one is a ClickTight) in harness mode in a 2006 Mazda6 wagon and a 2009 Subaru Outback. I have a son who is going to be 8 in September, currently about 50 inches high and 54 pounds. He has a head that's large proportionally for his body (his 50-60% on growth charts but head 75%) and hypotonia. I saw the reporting about these seats but have decided not to change for now. And the reason is...

    My one experiment in a Graco highback booster (during Christmas, in a relative's car) resulted in him falling asleep and his head flopping everywhere. It was terrible. I can't say for sure if it was the fit/angle of the seat or just that he's not ready developmentally for a HBB. My relative wasn't really open to my playing around with the seat in his car, and we needed to get on the road.

    My son has severe dyspraxia so I'm always going to be helping him buckle his seat... I'm cool with that. It's the hypotonia and him being comfortable in hot Texas summers that has me flummoxed.

    If you were moving out of Frontiers at this stage, I'm just wondering what others would do in our situation? One of our seats is older -- it's not expired, but I could justify a new seat at this point. My Mazda is getting to the end of its life but I'm babying it through another year or two -- it has deep seats & seatbelts that ride high on the body. Is there a HBB that can be angled a bit back and with more side support? Maybe that would help with his positioning and head?

    My gut says that with hypotonia, I would need to find another harnessed booster, but a browse through my local Target offered options that seemed kind of small and uncomfortable for a growing boy who drives a lot with his mom in hot weather (it's not a Super Target, or even a particularly large one) -- Evenflo Maestro Harness, a Chicco MyFit Harness, and Graco Nautilus.

    I appreciate any feedback/thoughts. Thanks!

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    Re: Help with Booster for 7 yr old with hypotonia

    Is there a reason he needs to move out of the Frontiers? The Frontier is the highest capacity seat available outside of special needs seats.

    You could try a booster with large/deep headwings like the Diono Monterey XT, Diono Everett NXT, Diono Cambria, Nuna Aace, Britax Highpoint, Britax Midpoint, or Britax Skyline. The Britax boosters have the SG crotch strap which can be nice if he tends to slouch.

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    Re: Help with Booster for 7 yr old with hypotonia

    The boosters with recline (which might help) have not got the best lateral support (which also might help.) The best compromise I can think of is the Peg Perego Flex 120 in narrow mode, but leg support isn't the greatest, you'd likely need to add some kind of lightweight item for a foot rest, and even so it's not a perfect solution.

    If the Frontiers still fit I'd personally max them out. When he gets close by height if he's still having trouble with the hypotonia, I'd work with his team to get him a special needs booster with positioning harness.

    If he needs extra cooling, you can consider cooling towels or possibly even something like a Noggle.
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