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Thread: I'm back!

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    I'm back!

    Hi! I used to be super active on this forum then life happened. Since I've talked to all of you last I have moved, graduated vet school. gotten married, and (most relevant to why I'm here) had a baby! Which brings me to why I'm here lol. He is currently 8 months old in an Evenflo Embrace 35 (I don't love this seat, but it works lol). Once the snow and ice finally go away I would like to get him into convertible seats in each vehicle. We have seats for my husband's vehicle and mine but would like one for grandma's car as well. She drives a 2012 Cadillac SRX. I know getting the infant seat in there required the passenger seat to be all the way forward or close to. I'll have more room with a convertible but I don't have anywhere near me to try seats so hoping someone on here has some experience. Budget is kind of open but this will be an occasional seat so I don't want to spend a ton. That being said I will happily pay a little extra for an easy install. Baby is currently proving to be a pretty tall/skinny boy (26 inches and 16lbs). He's a long way from outgrowing his infant seat but we are well past the "newborn sleeping all the time" phase and I am sick of lugging it around lol. Thanks! I've missed it here, need to make a point to come back more often! lol.
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    Re: I'm back!

    Welcome back to the forum. Congrats on your new baby! I would look at the Cosco scenera next for Grandma’s car if you want compact plus inexpensive. I like the Graco convertibles (contender, sequel, extend 2 fit) for ease of install and long term use for tall babies. These are also usable forward facing in a few years.

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