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    Long distance travel car seat and bottom comfort

    We frequently travel 6+ hours with our toddler and am finding his bottom hurts and is extremely red after about 2 hours in his car seat. (We do stop frequeantly for tests and leg stretchi outsdie the car.) We currently have the grace 4ever all-in-one car seat and itís too hard for his bottom. He cries because it hurts. Iím also very frustrated with the straps and itís hard to adjust and they donít seem to tighten correctly anymore. Is there a car seat that I can get for my son that has a very comfortable cushion for his bottom or one that you can add that is car seat approved and also has straps that are easily adjusted for safety and preferable easy to clean?? Thanks in advance.

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    Long distance travel car seat and bottom comfort

    If he is in diapers, that may be more of an issue than the padding. Something to consider. I have that seat and I believe you can use the infant body cushion at any time rear-facing. That would give him more butt padding.

    As for the straps being difficult, I found a trick to tightening them easily. Again assuming he is rear-facing, pull all the slack from the harness starting at the hips. Use one hand to pull the harness snug behind the seat, and pull the harness adjuster strap with the other hand. Also, make sure the harness is in the closest slot at or below his shoulders. If it is too low, that could make tightening harder.
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