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    Corola 1998 Retrofit Tether

    I'm from Puerto Rico and we don't qualify for the Toyota Retrofit Program and I would like to know if anyone knows the part number for the tether so I can order it myself. I've seen most say it's under $20, but a dealer told me it cost double and a bit more. I want to be sure he knows what I'm talking about because no one I've spoken to has ever retrofitted a car.

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    Re: Corola 1998 Retrofit Tether

    Because of the way our retrofit program works, I don't have access to a part number. I would suggest calling Toyota Corporate:
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    Re: Corola 1998 Retrofit Tether

    For what it's worth, the LATCH manual lists the same top tether anchor retrofit part number 73709-20010 called a "bracket sub-assembly, tether anchor" for all retrofittable 1979-1999 model year U.S and Canadian market Toyotas. Instructions for installing the top tether anchor retrofit part are not included with the Toyota tether anchor retrofit part kit but are provided in the retrofittable Toyota vehicle owner's manual. IMHO there's a reasonable possibility it would be the same top tether anchor retrofit part number for a Toyota Corolla model in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Hopefully a Toyota dealership parts or service department in the OP's area and/or Toyota corporate can verify the part number to be certain and also to help comparison shop on the pricing.

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    Re: Corola 1998 Retrofit Tether

    Instructions are found in the manual on pg. 65 and Jean provided you with the part number. It's a pretty easy install provided you have access to a torque wrench—any hardware store will have one. I installed the tether anchors in my 2001 Toyota Sienna way back when and the biggest hassle was cutting the carpet in the floor. Yours are in your back package shelf, so easier to find.

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