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Thread: Maxi Cosi Prezi

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    Maxi Cosi Prezi

    Jun 30, 12:53 AM EDT
    Hi there community. Iíve done research online and am unclear on the expiration date for an infant car seat I just bought used. Online says either 6 or 8 years for Maxi Cosi Prezi manufactured January 2, 2013. Also if someone can help me find out if itís compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon Maxi Cosi adapters. These are all hand-me-downs and or bought used.

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    Re: Maxi Cosi Prezi

    First, who did you buy the seat from? Do you trust them with your baby's life? Do you know for sure it was never in any kind of crash, never checked on an airplane, always washed according to instructions, and never modified? If you don't know the answers to all these questions, the seat is not safe to use.

    Second, I see that a reputable review put out the month your seat was manufactured says it expires after 6 years, so it only has 6 months of life left. If the seat doesn't have a manual that would give you this answer, you need to get a manual so you can know if it was used correctly and how you can use it correctly.

    I have no idea about the stroller adapters, sorry!
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    Re: Maxi Cosi Prezi

    Don't use a used car seat you don't know the history of. Where I work parents bring in used seats for their babies all the time, even from trusted friends, that aren't put together correctly or are missing pieces. Even if you received the seat from someone you trust, you need your manual to be sure the seat is correctly assembled. Also look online to be sure the seat is not recalled. You'll need the serial number and date of manufacture for that. Riding in the car is the most dangerous thing your baby will do. Following manufacture instructions for installation and use, and meeting with a CPST to teach you about your seat and how to install it is important! Congrats on your new baby or soon to be baby!
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