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    Bubblebum vs. RideSafer Travel Vest for travel (small 8-yr-old)


    We have used the RideSafer Travel Vest (for travel and occasional car-pooling) for the past 4 years for our small & skinny 8-yr-old girl (just over 40Lbs, and just shy of 4ft tall). We love it. But she does complain that she's low down and can't see out the window, and it makes her really hot and sweaty -- these are both issues when we use it in Israel (hot and humid climate) for several weeks every summer. So I'm wondering if we should switch to a Bubblebum (we do own one), because it'll raise her up a little and she'll be a lot more comfortable. It's also lighter and slightly easier to travel with, although that's not a huge factor. Israel is notorious for having terrible drivers and lots of accidents, so I don't want to make any compromise on safety, even if it means she complains. The RSTV always "feels" safer to me, but I know the Bubblebum is an IIHS "Best Bet," so in theory it's just as safe, right? We usually do a couple of long-ish drives (3-4 hours at most), and the occasional short taxi ride, and she hardly ever falls asleep in the car. So assuming she's awake and upright and not squirming off the seat, is the Bubblebum just as safe as the RSTV?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Bubblebum vs. RideSafer Travel Vest for travel (small 8-yr-old)

    Personally, I would do the Bubblebum. Like you mentioned, it will be a bit easier to pack around and likely more comfortable for her. Either option is totally safe.

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    Re: Bubblebum vs. RideSafer Travel Vest for travel (small 8-yr-old)

    Why not the RSTV with a booster?

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    Re: Bubblebum vs. RideSafer Travel Vest for travel (small 8-yr-old)

    You can use the Delighter booster with the RSTV, but that does kind of negate the easy to haul around benefit somewhat.

    I definitely think either choice is ok at this age.
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