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    Safe & comfy 8 passenger for growing teens

    We have a 2011 8 passenger Odyssey as our primary vehicle that is perfect in every way except for the lack of 4WD. Our secondary (and work vehicle) is an F150 that has been brought back to life it’s last time. We are considering replacing it with an Expedition to be able to fit our whole family comfortably/safely for road trips/winter weather & be able to pull a pop up camper.

    We have 4 kids (14.5, 12.5, 10 & 4.5) who are getting bigger and their friends are getting bigger too! I very often have a full Odyssey due to sports & cousin outings. Only the 4.5yo (and 1 nephew) are in FF car seats. (2 tether anchors needed in 2nd row.) The rest 5 step out.

    Keeping safety & comfort for growing teens in mind,
    1. Should we look at anything else to replace the F150 other than an Expedition?
    2. If we have to get another F150, what are the other vehicles we should look at other that Odysseys?

    Mamabear to 4

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    Re: Safe & comfy 8 passenger for growing teens

    Have you considered the Subaru Ascent? It will be released this summer and comes in an 8 seater. It would be better for winter weather than the Odyssey with higher ground clearance and AWD. If you go up from the base model, you can tow up to 5000 lbs. It has standard collision avoidance features and it's built on the newish Subaru Global Platform with a stiffer frame for better crash absorption. No sliders though, and you don't get that nice sunken down cargo area behind the third row. It does have a roof rack though for additional storage.

    ETA: I was wrong. There is underfloor storage behind the third row.
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