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    Questions about travel to the Philippines


    I have a friend who is looking for guidance about travel to the Philippines with her 5 yo little one this coming summer. She is going to visit family and has made the trip before, but describes a situation where there may not be seat belts in cars at all, or possibly only a lap belt, and the presence of any LATCH components is not expected. She also mentions that the taxi drivers tend to be grumpy and impatient with child restraint stuff in general. The little one is 42.25 inches tall and 40+ pounds right now. My friend is leaning toward taking an AACE Nuna to use, but I wanted to check in here and see if anyone has any ideas about a booster or better, a harnessed seat where a lap belt can be used without a tether--or if anyone can address hypothetical best practice in this setting. It's my understanding that if seat belts are available, they are likely to be lap belts. We also discussed options such as a Ridesafer Travel Vest (needs tether with lap belt, per instructions), or a harnessed seat like a Nautilus, but that also needs a rear tether.
    Has anyone here had experience with similar travel conditions? Does anyone have any other suggestions that might be worth considering? This is an ongoing challenge for my friend, and she would just like to make sure she's considering all of the safest options she can, given the number of variables that are out of her control and the need to rely on taxi service to get to her family home, which is distant from where she will arrive.

    Thank you!

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