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    Cathay Pacific and Cosco Scenera Next purchased in Canada

    Seeking advice please.

    We live in Canada, and are flying from Canada to Australia (YYZ -> HGK -> PER) on Cathay Pacific in two months with our son, who will be 12 months old at that time. We have purchased him his own seat and a Cosco Scenera Next car seat, which we hoped to bring on the plane. The car seat has the Canada Transport sticker on it.

    On the Cathay Pacific website, they state that car seats are permitted, but “must meet one of the following safety standards
    - European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) ETSO-C100b
    - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) TSO-C100, TSO-C100a, TSO-C100b, or TSO-C100c
    - European Safety Standard requirements of ECE Regulation 44
    - United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 213
    - Australia/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS) 1754”

    ie. Canada is not listed.

    I have got the car seat manual, and it says “This child restraint is certified for aircraft use” which I will bring along, but I am concerned if the flight staff ask to look at the sticker, they might panic and not let us use it.

Does anyone have any experience / advice?

    I will phone Cathay Pacific reservations (am on hold now), the issue may be that on the day the staff on board the plane may be obstructive. 

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Cathay Pacific and Cosco Scenera Next purchased in Canada

    I hope you can get an answer from the airline. Whatever they tell you to do, make sure they also direct you to that policy in writing, and take a copy with you. I used to live in New Zealand, and had a couple of annoying interactions with flight attendants on transpacific flights who did not know their own airline's policy and tried to prevent me from and/or change how I saw using my daughters car seat. One even claimed to have never seen a 2yo in a car seat on a plane, and that it wasn't permitted.

    I also wanted to alert you to the fact that Australia is very stringent about using only car seats that are approved to the Aus/NZ standard. Whereas New Zealand allows car seats from any of the major standards (European, US, Aus/NZ), it is (or at least was) technically illegal in Australia to use a seat that was not certified to the Aus/NZ standard, and as far as I understand it, this requirement applies to visitors as well as residents. While I do not know what your chances are of getting caught and what, if any, actual penalties would be applied if you do, I did want to warn you.

    On the side, the Aus/NZ standard is a bit weird because limits for different types of car seats are based (mostly) on sitting height, and they allow forward-facing at 6 months. I'm not sure if there are any car seats that are certified to both the Aus/NZ standard and another international (Canadian/US) standard. Here's some more info:
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    Cathay Pacific and Cosco Scenera Next purchased in Canada

    Also note that unlike FMVSS, a harnessed seat certified to CMVSS is certified for use on an airplane. So the CMVSS sticker alone means it can be used on an airplane; the manual isn’t required to prove it like in the USA.

    That being said, it can’t hurt to the manual with the wording ready. And of course none of my info helps if they don’t allow Canadian seats at all.
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    Re: Cathay Pacific and Cosco Scenera Next purchased in Canada

    Actually had the same question, wondering how you made out on the flight with the car seat? Any issues and were you able to rear face?

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