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    Convertible vs high back booster

    My almost 2yo will outgrow RF weight for the ClickTight Boulevard soon (40lbs). Iím considering getting a ClickTight Pinnacle to FF and move his baby sister into the Boulevard. Is there a benefit to keeping him FF in Boulevard as opposed to the Pinnacle? Iíd love him rear facing longer, but just donít see that as an option due to size and weight (heís 3ft and 37lbs now).

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    Admin - CPST Instructor wendytthomas's Avatar
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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    Hi there!

    First, minor panic. A two year old can't be in a booster. A booster has no harness. The Pinnacle is a combination seat, harness to booster. So that's fine, but my heart did race for a minute!

    The Britax Frontier or Pinnacle would work well with their 90 pound limits, though the Britax Pioneer with the 70 pound limit may also work.

    There's no safety difference in one forward facing harnessed seat versus another.

    However, if you'd like to rear face longer, would you care for recommendations for convertibles with 50 pound rear facing limits?

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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    How close to 2 is your almost 2 year old? The Pinnacle has a 2 year age minimum requirement.

    With a large almost 2 year old, I would do everything I can to keep my baby rear facing as long as possible, for sure until age two, but longer if I could. There are many seats on the market that will not only allow him to continue to rear face now, but should get him a decent way beyond his 2nd birthday, some more, some less than what you'd pay for a Pinnacle. The Pinnacle is a wonderful seat, for later. I personally prefer the Frontier, for space reasons, if you do get a seat that will keep him rear facing longer but need a high weight, tall, forward facing seat before he is booster.

    If open to suggestions on rear facing seats that would work, please post back and let us know. If you want to keep it within a certain budget please include that info as well. Also, still wondering what month his birthday is, since I've seen "almost x age" mean anywhere from next week to 6 months from now.

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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    Sorry about the booster confusion! I would love to keep him rear facing as long as possible, but Iím not sure the 10lbs would last very long. Heíll be two March 14th. He has been gaining 1-1.5lbs a month, but Iím sure that slows down a little, the older he gets. I am open to other seat options, but canít afford more than the Britax.

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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    The Pinnacle would be a reasonable choice; a Graco Extend2Fit would be WAY cheaper, would likely let you rear face him to 4. (My oldest was that size at that age, with a super long torso. I first came here in a panic thinking Iíd have to booster him by 3. He hit 50 pounds around age 5.5.)

    If you want to spend a little more, the 3-in-1 version of the Extend2Fit is a little more versatile and has some nice features. Still cheaper than the Pinnacle.

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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    Do you know if the extend to fit RF with the foot rest extended takes up more room behind the front seat than the boulevard ClickTight? Weíre barely fitting RF with the boulevard in the most upright mode. My husband is 6í7 and Iím 5í11 so we do need a little extra space. The majority of the time it is just me I the car, but the infant is in the other seat (reclined
    RF), so the boulevard is behind me. I have a Subaru Outback.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Convertible vs high back booster

    I would assume the E2F with the extension panel out would take up more space, yes. If I remember correctly, the panel doesn't have to be more than one click out with a child over 40 lbs.
    Former CPST
    Mom of V, born 6/2014, FF in a Pioneer, Boulevard G4, and SureRide
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