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    In need of quick advice for AWD/4WD vehicle for family of 6

    We have a Ford Expedition EL XLT but long story short we are not happy with it and want to trade it in - like, today.

    Our kids are 12.5 (no booster etc.), 8 (booster), 5 (clek flo), and almost 2 (chicco nextfit zip rear facing).

    We need AWD/4WD for sure, as much cargo space as possible, all leather seats.

    I drive a lot in the city, also very snowy mountain conditions (SLC), and we do take a few road trips a year. Safety is my #1 concern, and then functionality for a larger family with lots of 'stuff'.

    We looked at a Toyota Sequoia and HIghlander but the Highlander was way too small in the cargo and 3rd row, and the Sequoia had surprisingly little cargo space for the price - I think a lot of their space goes to larger 3rd and 2nd rows?

    The cars we are looking at - frantically - are:
    Honda Pilot 2018 (but we already have a 2010)
    Toyota Sienna AWD 2018 - think this is the XLE version)

    We could look at the following, but it's going to cost us $10K or more more $$, and I'm partial to Honda/Toyota type cars:
    Chevy Suburban
    GMC Yukon XL (but this is very similar to Ford Expedition EL no?)

    Any advice? Thanks!

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    Re: In need of quick advice for AWD/4WD vehicle for family of 6

    You might want to check out the Nissan Pathfinder also. We have a 2015 (only got it a year ago) and have been very happy with the amount of room and how it handles in the snow (we're in Colorado so snowy mountain driving for skiing, etc). It will not be as roomy as the largest 4wd vehicles, but there is enough adjustablity that it may work for you. We test drove an Acura MDX (2010 ish model I think) when we were looking and the Pathfinder definitely had more room than the MDX. Having a 2nd row that was adjustable (could slide forward/backward) was one of the main things I wanted since we only have two kids - gives them more room when it's just the two of them in the second row, but able to give the 3rd row more leg room if it's in use.

    Another you could look at is the Traverse/Acadia. We had a Saturn Outlook which was a twin vehicle. It definitely had more room than the Pathfinder. Ours was only FWD and did terrible in the snow, I see a lot of the AWD versions around so I'm guessing they do much better.

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    Re: In need of quick advice for AWD/4WD vehicle for family of 6

    Space wise I don't think you'll be happy with a Pilot, Pathfinder, Traverse/Acadia. Your best bet is the Sienna or a long wheel base Suburban or Yukon. I would personally probably go for the Sienna, like you I'm more of an import girl. I don't think I could stomach the price of a Suburban/Yukon.

    What's wrong with the Expedition?
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