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    Question Commute Change Question

    My commute recently changed and I'm concerned it's more dangerous now than before, but because of many variables, I'm not sure.

    I have two options from where I am living now and I'm hoping you can help me pick the safest option.

    The shorter commute is 27.9 miles, each way, but it is all with facing traffic, with just a painted line in between (A good stretch of it is 55mph).

    The longer option is 32.1 miles, each way, but it includes a highway with no on coming traffic (19.2 miles worth), but 65 mph+ speeds.

    So I could drive more miles per year (about 1974 miles), but have a lot of it with non facing traffic. Is it worth the more mileage and faster speed to avoid the on coming traffic?

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    Re: Commute Change Question

    Is the actual commute time shorter one one route due to issues other than speed limits?

    Is either route known to have significantly more automobile crashes than the other?

    If there is no significant difference and I was driving, I'd just let Google maps tell me which route is quicker each trip;-)

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