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    Travel seat questions

    I have a flight planned for when my daughter is 4 and 7 months of age, and might be flying again at 4 and 8 months of age. Mid-October she was 42.75 pounds and 3'6". The flights would be January and February. Sooooo my question is...her travel seat I had been using is a Evenflo Securekid DLX (for the click-push install). Last time we flew she wouldn't even sit in it for the flight. We ended up on a not-full flight so it was her seat, then her, then me in the row. LOL!!! THEN to make matters worse, it wouldn't install tight using the latch, so then I had to do a seatbelt install and it defeated the purpose of taking that seat. I had to rent a mid-size car to save money and even though it was fully retracted, it moved all over the place. I decided then that I am determined to not fly with that seat anymore! For the flight she doesn't really need a seat. For the rental car, she'll need something. We do a decent amount of driving around (just to go from my mom's where we stay to my aunt's house is 45 minutes each way) and we tend to stay places a little later than her bedtime, so she still falls asleep in the car. Is there something more compact I can travel with that will work? I'd love to use the RideSafer Vest but I'm not sure if they can sleep in that. Of course I worry about that stuff, but she may outgrow the sleeping in the car stage by then with my luck.


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    Re: Travel seat questions

    I just got back from a trip with my just turned 7 year old and we used a RSTV for the week. We did it a couple years ago when she was 5 as well. This time, I did not use the optional tether strap that comes with some versions but I did use it when she was 5. The tether strap really helps with when she falls asleep, as it keeps her upright.

    I have a version 2 but I heard the new delight? Version is pretty awesome and if I were looking for a new one, I’d probably get that one.

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    Re: Travel seat questions

    We took a trip with a barely-4-year old with a RideSafer Delight Vest and it was fantastic! We ended up with her in a spot without the tether anchor and I locked the belt; she fell asleep multiple times and didn't fall dangerously out of position.

    You can read about our experience in this review for carseatblog:

    Another option in your situation might be the IMMI Go, though the $224 price including shipping can be a turnoff and she's quite close to the weight limit to spend that much money!
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