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Thread: Vest options?

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    Question Vest options?

    Trying to help a friend with a disabled child who is outgrowing hi harnessed seat. I will repost her questions to me because I don't know anything about vests. Her child is 11 years old but still a bit under 65 pounds. EZ on vest? Baby Safety Car Vest? I recommended to Britax Pinnacle, because it is a seat that I know is larger, but since I have an almost 12 year old myself, my car seat knowledge is old.

    She says:

    "The concern that he is too big for a traditional seat led to us buying and modifying racing seats for the van but the 4 point harness was too large for him and didn't keep him seated securely. After one too many emergency stops where I had to pull over and adjust him I had Rick take them out and put our seats back in.
    He's currently using the Graco Atlas 65 in the van, and the Nautilus on rare occasions he ends up in the truck.
    I'm not sure we'll find a solution to make the racing seats manageable until he grows significantly. So I have been looking into other options...
    He is able to sit independently but sitting in a booster with a seatbelt wouldn't be secure enough.
    Our PT said to look Into the EZ On Vest and another parent asked about this Baby Safety Car Seat Vest... But I'm not sure if that's even safe?
    I'm not really down to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a car seat just because it's "adaptive" that kind of thing pisses me off (charging special needs parent outrageous amounts of money for something just because there's not a lot of options).
    I'm also reluctant to purchase something without knowing it will be safe."

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