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    Carseat or booster on a school "van"?

    My 5 year old attends a private school in NJ and they have their first field trip coming up at the end of the month. The letter that came home mentioned the kids would be taking the "van" to the location - it's one of those 12-15 passenger vans. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought the kids were still required to use either a carseat or booster in this type of vehicle? Or is there a policy that makes the school exempt from the car seat requirements? I'm not okay with my 5 year old driving without a car seat and told my husband that I will drive him to the location myself and pick him up afterwards if necessary. I would like to approach the teacher with some information though, because maybe she truly does not understand the safety implications? I think in the past she has taken her classes on trips using a bus, but this year the class is so small it doesn't warrant a bus.

    If anyone can point me to any links online that I can share with the teacher, it would be much appreciated! I have been searching for any policy or regulation for NJ for these types of vehicles and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. If it's truly against the law for them to take the kids without a seat or booster I'd like to share that info.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Carseat or booster on a school "van"?

    I don't know about the law, but it is absolutely a safety issue. I would feel just like you do in that situation.
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    Re: Carseat or booster on a school "van"?

    Here in Michigan it doesn’t matter if it’s a bus or a van, the same rules apply to car seat use as in a car! The only exception is that a bus with internal permanent (called white seats) safety straps can be used for students that would normally fall into the “booster” category!
    Hope this helps

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