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    Traveling with 3 kids

    We will be flying from Oregon to Boston next week and then driving all over new England for 2 weeks. We have a 2 year (RF always) a 4 year old (FF harnessed) and a 6 year old. We will be bringing seats on board for the younger two. Our 6 yo (very lightweight but average height, very squirmy!) currently rides harnessed most of the time but we have been trying to booster train in hopes that we could put him in a bubblebum for the trip, but I just don't think he's ready yet, especially since we'll have a few 4+ hour drives.

    I've been furiously researching options and this is what I've come up with.
    - bring his current seat and call it a day. Three carseats on a flight though?! Yikes!
    - use the bubblebum and remind him to sit up straight A LOT.
    - rent a car seat from the car rental company. Don't trust em, and that's really expensive.
    - rent from a baby equipment rental place. I'd trust the seats more but still expensive.
    - buy a cheapish seat at Target in Boston and find some place to leave it before flying out. This is kind of what I'm leaning towards, but where to leave it?

    What would you do?

    ETA: I refuse to check any carseats, they are handled far too roughly!
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    Re: Traveling with 3 kids

    What about a HB booster? Pack the back in a suitcase and have him carry on the bottom. It'll give more structure/reminder to sit up straight than the bubblebum but is easier than hauling a third seat on the plane.
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    Re: Traveling with 3 kids

    I'd probably go ahead and bring a seat on board for him. If you're bringing a stroller you can pile all the car seats on that (practice before and use bungee cords), and so it's not that much more trouble than bringing two seats. Honestly I've just gotten to the point where I figure that traveling with kids is going to be a hassle no matter what and I'm not going to think too hard about how to make it slightly easier. (The only thing that would make it lots easier is leaving the kids at home, haha!)
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    Re: Traveling with 3 kids

    What car seats are you bringing? I would be tempted to get him a Cosco Finale and deal with it on the plane. It's so lightweight he could carry it himself.

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    Re: Traveling with 3 kids

    Thanks for the tips! I think what we decided to do is buy a Cosco Finale at Walmart when we get to Boston and then find somewhere to donate it before we leave.
    We figured out we wouldn't be able to just bring his seat with us, partly because it's a bulky, heavy seat (Nautilus fancy version) and would be a pain as the third seat we were bringing and partly because the airline will only allow one car seat per row.
    We'd thought about a high back booster, carrying the back in a suitcase, but suitcase space is at a premium and checking an extra suitcase would end up costing more than a new seat!

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    Re: Traveling with 3 kids

    The airlines will allow 2 car seats per row as long as they are not blocking other passengers. Which would mean putting a rearfacing child at the window and a forward facing child in the center seat. I have flown this way numerous times over the past 10 years.

    How are you going to get the seat once you get to Boston? The Boston airport is not close to anything and you won't have a seat with you. I would suggest bringing the finale on the plane and using it for the 6 year old so you don't have to worry once you get there.

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