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    2018 Subaru Outback

    I'm looking for a new car and possibly new car seats.

    Current situation:
    Acura TSX (2006)
    4 year old FF in Clek Fllo
    2 year old RF in Cosco Scenera NEXT
    Also have a Cybex Aton and Evenflo Tribute LX
    Third child on the way

    What we're looking for:
    Station wagon, crossover or compact/medium SUV (no minivan or large SUV) - prefer something rugged as I don't want to baby the car and worry about dings and scratches too much as we live in NYC
    Budget: 20-40k ideally, for new/used but will consider premium vehicles up to 60-70k, but then would probably look to buy those used.
    Need to fit three seats across, ages 5, 3 and newborn
    Safety is a top concern
    Reliability is a top concern (last thing I want to deal with is constant recalls, replacements, visits to the shop, etc. My Acura mainly consumes gas and oil and standard maintenance after 150k+ miles over 10 years)
    Decent cargo space
    Plan to use the car 10+ years, might swap for larger Crossover or SUV in the future specially if there are more hybrid options available
    Nice to haves: 200+ hp engine, hybrid
    I don't think we need or want a third row option

    What are my best options for cars and carseats?

    So far I've come up with:
    Subaru Outback - concerned about oil leak issues, and possibly CVT issues
    Mazda CX-5
    Toyota RAV4
    Honda CR-V
    Acura RDX
    Volvo, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes crossover and wagon options - concerned about reliability and ongoing maintenance costs with some of these, ability to fit three carseats in a row, price

    Open to any carseat combination regardless of price.

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    Re: 2018 Subaru Outback

    I'll defer to folks who have knowledge of the latest models of the Rav4, but unless they've changed the seatbelt alignment, you can't fit three across in the second row due to overlapping seatbelts.

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    Re: 2018 Subaru Outback

    The Car Seat Lady did a post a couple years ago about 2015 vehicles that got top safety ratings and could fit three across. It may be helpful to you.

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