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    Canada 3 across; 8-Seater minivan

    Does anyone else find buying cars and carseats overwhelming and stressful!!

    Here is the info on my kids and their seats
    DS 1 - FF, Dino Radian RXT, 4 y.o.
    DS 2- RF, Diono Radian RXT, 20 months
    Baby 3 (due Feb) - RF Maxi Cosi Piazzo, once baby is old enough will most likely go into a Diono as well.

    We are looking at 8 seater minivans. In an ideal world I would love all three kids to fit in the middle row. I've seen the posts on here about what seats are possible but the Diono isn't really mentioned to answer my questions so thought I would see if I get any answers here to my specific questions

    1. Can the Diono Radian RXT fit forward facing in the jump seat of the middle row Honda Odyssey (2014-present)?
    2. Any experience with the Maxi Cosi Piazzo bucket seat in the middle row jump seat?
    3. Is it possible to get these seats all in the middle row of any minivan?

    Any information on combination's and Diono fits within:
    Kia Sedona's
    Dodge Carvan (I know its not an 8 seater but my husband is pulling for it so thought I would at least check haha).

    Thanks for any responses.

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    Re: 3 across; 8-Seater minivan

    In my current experience with Diono seats in a current model
    Odyssey, they are not compatible in the captains chairs forward facing. I have gotten one installed correctly in the middle seat of the second row only.

    The advantage of the Oddy is that there are top tether locations in most locations. With the Caravan you are limited to only 3 locations and the outboard shoulder belts in the third row sit forward of the seats, causing a poor belt fit for any adults or booster riders. Additionally those spots have no top tether so could only be used for a rear facing seat.

    Keep in mind the rules that Diono has for forward facing with the recline foot being down. It makes for a very difficult installation in most vehicles in the forward facing mode.

    I'm with you. I hate making decisions in car shopping!
    A: 11 C: 9 M1: 5 M2: 6 months

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    Re: 3 across; 8-Seater minivan

    Definitely avoid the Caravan if you can. The 3rd row is awful across the board. The outboard 3rd row seats are awful--they work for some very limited high back boosters, and some VERY limited rear facing seats and nothing else.

    I wouldn't get another Diono if you get an Odyssey. The second row of the Odyssey is so wide. If you don't care about 3rd row access, plenty of forward facing seats will work in that center spot between Radians where the Radian itself won't work.

    And the Odyssey has 6 tether anchors. It's kind of amazing for car seats.

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