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    2005-2009 Odyssey vs. Sienna 8 seaters

    We are looking to buy an 8-seater minivan, either an Odyssey or a Sienna. Based on price I'm thinking we'll be looking at 2005-2009.

    I am wondering about fitting car seats in either of these vans and have a few questions:

    1. With the Sienna, if you take out the 8th seat, can one of the captains' chairs be relocated to the middle of the vehicle like it can in the Odyssey to give you an aisle?

    2. Which seats have Latch (either the lower anchors and tethers or just the tethers?

    3. Is there any possibility of tethering a rear-facing car seat in either or both of these vehicles? I really liked doing that in my last vehicle- it seemed so much safer that way.

    4. Can a car seat ( I'm thinking either a Radian or a booster) be used in the 8th seat of either vehicle?

    5. Do these vehicles have headrests as well as lap and shoulder belts in all six back seats?

    I am looking for something that will fit 2 adults in front plus 6 kids in the back- 16 (no seat), 13 (no seat), 10 (booster), 7 (preferably 5pt harnessed), 3 (rf but eventually ff 5pt harnessed) and baby (rf). I'm worried about having enough decent car seat positions and the older kids not being too crowded, especially since we'll have to have no seat in one of the captains' chairs to allow the back of the seat to be tipped forward for access to the back. I'm assuming we'll need at least one Radian.

    I also would like my older kids not to feel terribly squished wherever they are sitting- this vehicle is mostly for around town but we do take occasional summer road trips.

    I'm also interested in any other factors that may cause anyone to recommend one over the other.

    Thanks! I would appreciate any insights anyone has on this.

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    Re: 2005-2009 Odyssey vs. Sienna 8 seaters

    If you want 6 kids in the back I'd 100% choose the Sienna in that range of years. Both of them have headrests and shoulder belts in all positions but only the Sienna can really take a car seat in the center row center seat in those years (a few rear facing seats work on the Ody plus one of that era but not a lot. Or a Bubblebum.) The third row is also roomier in the Sienna of that era for fitting car seats and kids 3 across.

    The 05 Ody has 3 LATCH positions- captain's chairs and offset center rear (tether anchor can be used with seatbelt on passenger side instead if desired but only 3 spots can be tethered at once.) 06-09 Ody has that plus additional tether anchors for each outboard third row spot.

    O5-09 Sienna has LATCH in 5 spots- every second row position plus the center and passenger side third row.
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    Re: 2005-2009 Odyssey vs. Sienna 8 seaters

    Just to elaborate a bit on that Gen Sienna....We still have our '04 although it doesn't get driven much anymore.

    You cannot take out the middle seat and move an outboard seat over, but you can remove an outboard seat if you want a side aisle. The center seat isn't really that much narrower. The outboard seats aren't technically captain's chairs anyway because there are no armrests.

    My youngest is 12, and I did tether Britax seats rearfacing back in the day. You have to pop the plastic cover off of the anchor point for the front seat and use the D-ring. I have no idea if that's still option with new carseats though. My understanding is that rf tethering has fallen a bit out of favor.

    My youngest rode in a ffing Radian in the 8th seat for several years. It was obviously an older model and I'm not sure what may have changed, but it fit wonderfully there.

    It's going to be a bit squishy with 6 in the back no matter what, but we've filled our van numerous times and it works. You'll just have to play around to see how everyone fits best. One thing you can do is move the 2nd row middle seat up to the front and center spot. That really increases shoulder space outboard.
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    2005-2009 Odyssey vs. Sienna 8 seaters

    I love our 8 passenger 08 Sienna. I drove 6 other adults in it just this past weekend and no one complained about lack of leg or shoulder room. At one point, 3 adults even sat across the third row even though the center row is a bit roomier.

    I have filled the back with kids in seats as well. The middle of the middle row is actually quite roomy and I've fit numerous highback boosters and convertibles there, including the Britax Boulevard. The empty outboard seat was still able to be flipped forward.

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