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    Best minivan for 4 kids in carseats

    We are expecting baby #4 and debating upgrading our vehicle. Kids are 7, 4, and 2, so we will have 1 ff harnessed and 3 rf once the baby arrives. We will need this setup for about the next year or so then we will switch to 1 boostered, 1 ff, and 2 rf. What is the best for 4 carseats? Convenience and ease of getting everyone in and out multiple times a day is very important so wondering what the best option would be for us those things considered!

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    Re: Best minivan for 4 kids in carseats

    Any minivan with a sliding rear door will be very convenient. The Dodge/Chrysler (not sure about the absolute newest one, that may not be out on the market yet) is narrower than the Toyota/Honda. However, they tend to be cheaper used. My mom has owned 2 or 3 over the years and I much prefer the Honda/Toyota whether new or used.

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    Re: Best minivan for 4 kids in carseats

    I would avoid Dodge. The third row is pretty terrible for just about everything. Honda or Toyota are both great options. I have an older Odyssey and it has really served us well.

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    Re: Best minivan for 4 kids in carseats

    The Sedona seems pretty car seat/ family friendly as well. Definitely worth a look.

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    Re: Best minivan for 4 kids in carseats

    What's your budget?

    If you're looking at 2011+, pretty much everyone loves the Odyssey. It has 6 tether anchors, so you can put forward facers wherever you want. That may be less urgent for you, given how long you rear face your kids (although you harness super long too).

    The Sienna has 3-4 tether anchors depending on which model year you get. The 2015+ Sedona is an 8 seater with 4 tether anchors, and the center seat is much more usable than the one in the Sienna.

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