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    bubble bum or mifold

    I have a 9 1/2 year old (63 pounds, 4'8" and change, doesn't quite pass the 5 step yet) and a nearly 7 year old (44 pounds, 47 inches) that need highly portable boosters firstly for a trip this summer and then to take to school in their backpack near my due date so they have a safe ride home if needed (the ride home will vary depending on the day I go into labor so leaving boosters with a certain person won't work). They both normally ride in big kid amp seats.

    The summer ride will include a plane ride (no booster there) followed by a 3 hour car ride in a honda van. The list of people who might pick them up (still figuring this out) if I'm in labor drive a CRV, small Toyota SUV, a elantra, an outback, a rav 4 and a midsize 4 door (can't remember type). So I need something that works in a variety of vehicles.

    Which seat would work best in this situation and is easy for the kiddos to carry in their bag at school?

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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    The mifold doesn't have a consistently good fit, being both kid and vehicle dependent.

    There's discussion of its problems in this thread.

    The Bubblebum has worked well in every car we've used our in.

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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    I would choose the bubblebum if you are unable to try out the mifold in every single vehicle and seating position your kids might use. The bubblebum has consistently provided a good fit in every seating position I have tried it in. The mifold has not.

    Another option is a harmony youth booster. It's the smallest of the plastic traditional boosters and should fit in a backpack if it's a decent sized one. That also consistently provides good belt fit.

    CCO 4/15

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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    I am sorry, it is incorrect to say that mifold does not have have a good belt fit. If anyone has specific questions about belt fit, please contact our customer service team on They are all CPSTs (in fact all employees are CTSTs) and they have great experience helping people enjoy the safe use of the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat.

    The images in the referenced post that show a poor lap belt fit are misuse cases, where the mifold seat has not been used as per the manufacturers instructions (please see specific information below).

    You may be interested in the NHTSA Knee Excursion data for every backless and high-back booster tested by NHTSA in the last 3-years (2013-2015, 2016 data is not yet available). You can see that the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat has among the best knee excursion results in the industry. This show an excellent lap belt fit.

    We feel that it has to be the responsibility parents and caregivers to read and understand the manufacturer's instructions for use. To add to this, mifold publishes a series of instructional videos that clearly show how to use the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat correctly: I specifically refer readers to watch from from 4:15 until 4:45 on the full version of the video for information on belt fit.

    The manual clearly states:
    "Always properly position vehicle belts of child and snugly adjust vehicle belts around child.
    - Vehicle lap belt MUST be positioned low on hips, contacting thighs and not up on the abdomen."

    In three other sections of the manual there are reminders stating:
    Proper Use Checklist
    "Vehicle lap and shoulder belt MUST be properly positioned on child.
    - Lap belt low on hips, contacting thighs and not up on the abdomen"

    Preparing for use
    "Position and snugly adjust lap belt, then position and adjust shoulder belt.
    - Lap belt MUST be low on hips, contacting thighs and not up on the abdomen"

    Securing Child on Booster Seat
    Vehicle lap and shoulder belt MUST be positioned low on hips, contacting the thighs and not up on the abdomen.

    Attached is a simple comparison of good and bad belt fit.

    It bothers us that mifold is portrayed here as having different belt fit depending on the kid or vehicle. Last year, when the seat was launched, there was little real-world information. Now, the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat is being used by more than 250,000 children worldwide. It has been checked for belt fit in hundreds of vehicles. To date, we are not aware of any vehicles with poor lap belt fit when the product is used correctly. So please contact us if you have specific questions.

    Jon Sumroy
    CEO mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat
    NHTSA Knee Excursion - mifold.jpg
    Positioning Lap Belt - mifold.jpg
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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    Sumroy- no booster is going to give good belt fit in every single vehicle. Even boosters that are known to fit most children well in most vehicles don't always work in some seating positions.

    In your graphic, you show a child with a too low belt fit. In the center of my third row, that is how the seat fits my kid, no matter what I do with the belt or seat. In that position, the mifold does not work.

    It also does not work in the center row of my other vehicle. And yes, I am following the directions. Numerous child safety technicians have also tried the mifold and had the same issues. And they are definitely following the manual.

    I personally would prefer to travel with a booster that I know is likely to work for my kid than cross my fingers and pray I get a combination that works.

    Is the mifold an option? Of course it is. It provides safe restraint for some kids in some cars. But to make a blanket statement that it will work for everyone if you just follow the instructions is dangerous. Every seat on the market has a downside to it- whether it's hard to install or hard to use properly or incompatible with a seating position. To claim that your booster is perfect if you just follow the instructions does a disservice to families looking for a seat to safely transport their kids.

    CCO 4/15

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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    I agree that I would go with bubblebum bc that seat is compatible with more seating positions in more cars. I'd be really nervous to send a mifold to an unknown car.

    Oliver (5 years) ff Radian RXT, Claudia (3 1/2 years) rf Radian RXT, Avery (2 years months) rf Coccoro, Vivian (3-14) rf Coccoro, Madeline (9) Literider,

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    Re: bubble bum or mifold

    We have a mifold and my 6 year old hates it! The seat is smaller than booster and quite hard despite thin layer of cushion. So very uncomfortable. I am going to buy the bubble bum - has hoped he mifold would be a great option but has not turned out to be so.

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