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    pre-school car seats.

    The school provides transportation for the kids in vehicles with carseats. Which is good. But my consern was that i have no idea when the carseats were manufactured. You can not adjust the straps while the seats are installed... So... The straps are so loose to accommodate for bigger kids.
    I suppose my question to you is; do you know when Graco stopped using rear strap adjusters for forward facing seats?
    Im hoping i can find a solution without raising <bleeped> with the school. Lol its only my son's second day.
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    I would start by asking the transportation company for the name and dates of manufacture and expiration for the seats. I'm guessing they are expired but I'm not sure. Can you provide a seat for your son? He should not ride in those seats again assuming the straps are too loose.

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    Re: pre-school car seats.

    Unfortunately i cannot provide my own. I dont have the money to essentially donate a seat. Which if i wasnt an unemployed stay at home mom id do just that. Id find a way to replace all of the seats they are currently using. Im curios as to why other parents/teachers/staff haven't noticed that its even issue.
    Its going to eat at me until i figure this out. Not just for my son but for the other children as well.

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    Re: pre-school car seats.

    My guess is that they are old Graco Cargos. The rear adjust was horrid, though I rather liked it with front adjust. It has a 40# harness limit.

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    Re: pre-school car seats.

    Do you have a local Safe Kids chapter? Or local hospital with an injury prevention group? If so, perhaps you can enlist their help in evaluating the seats/usage and they might even have resources to assist the school in replacing them.
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    Re: pre-school car seats.

    I see this a lot at my school. We have a Title 1 pre-k and Pre-k AU class, plus a self-contained K class. Most of these kids are brought to school with private transportation companies, which the school district contracts with.

    Last year it was what you are describing, very obviously expired seats with harnesses not adjusted correctly. This year they have all the kids riding in LBB regardless of age (some kids are 3) and/or weight. I asked my principal and he told me to leave it be, and this year I've been given a different duty so I don't have carpool duty anymore.

    My suggestion would be the same as above. Look for a local group who can support you.

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