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    Easy-open car seat?


    I'm looking for a good carseat that my mom can use (for a 31 pound kid). She has arthritis in her hands, so I'm looking for one with a latch that's pretty easy to open. Bonus points if it's narrow enough to fit between 2 other carseats in the backseat of my Subaru Outback! (Though that would have to be pretty darn narrow).

    Any tips appreciated!

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    Admin - CPST Instructor wendytthomas's Avatar
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    Re: Easy-open car seat?

    How old and tall is your 31 pound child? And what seats will it be going between? Are they forward or rear facing?

    What year is the Subaru? Newer models are much wider.

    wendy, cpst-i mom to
    piper, 7/26/02, 61", 99#, seatbelt
    laine 9/16/09, 46", 54#, Diono Monterey, Chicco KidFit Zip Air
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    Re: Easy-open car seat?

    I'm sure Wendy's questions will help you get good advice; I wanted to mention the Buckle Bopper which was designed to help caregivers with arthritis or decreased hand strength open car seat buckles.
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    Re: Easy-open car seat?

    Thanks for the tip about the Buckle Bopper! As for trying to fit 3 across, I'm failing miserably. I have a 2010 Subaru Outback, and we have a Graco Size4Me and a Britix high-back booster; I tried the Graco SlimFit between them (thinking that it might be slim, and fit) but it was nowhere close. I ended up buying another Graco (I think the Extend2Fit) and just resigning myself to never taking the 3 kids anywhere at the same time. Not a good long-term solution. . .

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Easy-open car seat?

    I drive a 2011 Outback and have had success 3 across with a Graco Tranzitions, Diono, and a Britax either marathon or boulevard. The diono had to go in the middle, despite it needing to be rf and so was the britax. When I tried the tranzitions in the middle it did not work.

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