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    Mini Vans- Honda vs Toyota

    We had a 2004 Honda Odyssey until Sunday when the transmission went on the interstate. We now need to buy a new van. We are between the Odyssey and the Sienna and in our area there are several in our price range.

    We are looking a 2012 or newer and low miles.

    We have two kids in car seats 4yr and 8mo and both are rf and will be until they have to flip around due to car seat limits (we have a Nextfit, Uppa Baby Mesa and Evenflo Symphony DLX) At this point more kids are not in our near feature but have talked about one day doing medical fostering.

    My kids both have a lot of medical needs so the vehicle is mainly used for driving to therapy and the hour drive to all of their dr and hospital. We put a lot of high way miles on.

    A big thing for me is Bluetooth for my phone, I know that sounds silly but if an important dr is calling when I am driving I need to answer because calling them back and getting to talk to them again might take days of phone tag. Right now I don't have a hands free set up in my car but that is really important to me in the next one.

    Back end space is also important, we rarely use our 3rd row but always have a City Select double, wagon, and soon a ped wheelchair in the back. Being able to hall all of those things are important.

    We need a vehicle that is going to last a long time, work well and handle snowy winters. If you had to choose one which would you choose and why? This is my second Honda that the transmission went from working fine to totally dead fast so that is why the Toyota is being considered this time too.

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    Re: Mini Vans- Honda vs Toyota

    Toyota Sienna AWD - my sister, 3 cousins and I all had Honda Odyssey - We all LOVED them BUT, terrible in the snow - some tried snow tires, not much improvement.
    One cousin recently got Toyota Sienna AWD & said huge difference in the snow. Even with 3rd row up has an impressive amount of storage.

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