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    BMW 320i Xdrive versus audi A5 AWD 2013-ish

    My dh is looking for a new to him used car. He may be having a mid life crisis as he has determined he wants a luxury type car, sedan (due to gas mileage) and AWD because we live in SLC and he goes skiing a lot. He is looking at around 2013 because he can get that for the low 20s which is our price range.

    The two cars he has found that fit this bill are the BMW 320i Xdrive (AWD) and the Audi A5 AWD and I think the newest he could get for that price is 2013.

    I was wondering if anyone has any information about the space in either of these vehicles. He is likely going to buy it through a private dealer so while he will have all the info and history, he will not have a look at the actual car.

    We have 4 kids - ages 11.5, 7, 4, and 8 months. He realizes he is not likely to get them all in the car at once, but I am hoping for at least the most possible space from the two choices he has listed. Ideally if we could get the 3 oldest kids in there somehow, that would be great. the 11 year old is close to sitting in front I guess? He is pretty tall - 5 ft or a bit over, and 90lbs. The 7 year old is in a booster. 4 year old still in a 5 pt.

    Thanks for any info you have on either of these 2 cars from a car seat/kid standpoint!

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    Re: BMW 320i Xdrive versus audi A5 AWD 2013-ish

    I have no idea but I'm bumping this up for you. If no one else knows either maybe we can look at some pictures for you to make guesses (a Google image search often helps give an idea.)
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    Re: BMW 320i Xdrive versus audi A5 AWD 2013-ish

    My dad has the BMW 320 x drive. The backseat is pretty narrow and has somewhat bucket shaped outboard seats. My guess is you could do a bubble bum center for the 7 year old and then a ff narrow seat for the 4 year old. I had a rf and ff coccoro in the BMW and it fit well. So that might work for your baby.

    I don't know anything about the Audi unfortunately.

    ETA I see that you want the oldest kids not he baby in the car. In that case I would do a narrow seat ff center for the 4 year old and then a booster outboard for the 7 year old and an incognito or nothing for the oldest depending on how s/he fits. The center seat belt has a high lap belt fit on me (petite lady sized).
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