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    Help! I need a solution for 7 kids!

    My wife and I were awarded guardianship of our 4 grandchildren (5yo, 1 1/2yo, and 6mo twins!) Our kids are 14, 12, and 4yo... We currently squeeeze 3 carseats and 2 infant seats into a 2006 8 passenger Trailblazer. The twins will need carseats within the year (I Think). We currently are "upside-down" on the Chevy but are working on getting it paid down to get out of it. Can you kind folks suggest a vehicle in the 10k price range (probably something around the same age as the Trailblazer) We have considered Suburbans and Expeditions but don't have time to do a lot of research (I was attempting it when I found your site on Google)
    Thank you so much,
    Harry B

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    Re: Help! I need a solution for 7 kids!

    Hi and welcome!

    I think your best bet is probably a Toyota Sienna. Other options are a Honda Odyssey (but be careful--some years you shouldn't buy unless the transmission (?) has been replaced) and the Kia Sedona. Assuming you're looking at pre-2011 models, those are all good choices for fitting lots of car seats.

    This is assuming that you're not planning to have all 7 kids plus 2 adults in a single vehicle ever. That gets more complicated.

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    Re: Help! I need a solution for 7 kids!

    If you only want 8 passenger seating, 04-10 Sienna. The Odysseys of that age have a very small 8th seat. Sedona didn't have an 8p version until 2015.

    If you need room for 9, in that price range I think your best bet would be an 08+ Ford Econoline and get headrests retrofitted. 07 and earlier has a lower seatback and no stability control. The 08+ Chevy Express is also an option. It has a longer wheelbase, so better stability, but has more car seat install incompatibilities and I am NOT a fan of their middle shoulder belt setup. If you need to go cheaper, you can go back as far as 04 with the Express / Savana and still have stability control, but those ones will be missing some middle shoulder belts.

    Here's how I had headrests put into my 15p Chevy Express:
    17yrs, 15yrs, 13yrs, 11yrs , 9yrs (58", 75lbs, Incognito), 7yrs (46", 50lbs, Dreamtime), 5yrs (41", 35lbs, RN), 3yrs (30lbs, RF Marathon), NB (Peg 4-35)
    '14 Mazda5, '06 Chevy Express, '08 Toyota Tundra

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