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    Mitsubishi L200 compatible 360 seat

    I'm struggling to find help finding a compatible seat for my 2010 Mitsubishi l200. Mothercare tried to help and spoke to the manufacturers of the nuna Isize swivel seat and the maxi cosi axisfix isize who referred me back to Mitsubishi who were no help at all. I have a big 4 month old (95 centile for height and weight) so mothercare recommended the Nuna which makes good sense I just can't find anyone who can confirm whether it fits or not!
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    Re: Mitsubishi L200 compatible 360 seat

    Just a bump for you in case any of our European members are in the know.
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    Re: Mitsubishi L200 compatible 360 seat

    The advice you have received is unfortunately terrible. Your strong child should be around 9 kg right now. Using an Isofix seat is to start with a bad option. The maximum rear facing weight limit for any Isofix seat is 18 kg. Your child is likely to be above 18 kg around 2-2.5 years which is too early for forward facing.

    One exception to the Isofix limit is the new Concord Reverso which has the higher 23 kg weight limit. This seat is very nice, and the new Reverso Plus has passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test, but like all seats approved for the new i-Size standard these are a very poor options for large kids.

    The new R129 standard, also called i-Size, is not any safer than the current ECE R44 standard and seats last a lot shorter. The reason is that R129 seats have to fit into a smaller fixture. That means far less leg space for the child, mora narrow seats and far shorter seats shell than R44 seats. i-Size seats are therefore a very poor choice for big and strong kids.

    The recommended Nuna is not a good choice and I'm referring to its size and not that it's beginning discount Korean brand. The Axissfix is a poor choice for big kids since it's an i-Size seat.

    Seats installed with seat belt and the higher 25 kg are a far better option in your situation. These are cheaper, just as compact and fit well in pretty much any car small to large. Axkid Minikid is likely your best choice since it has a very tall seat shell lasting rear facing to around age six or 125 cm. It's compact and has also passed the ultra strict Swedish Plus Test to 25 which only five seats in the world has managed.

    Possible other choices are Britax Hi-Way and Britax MaxWay. Both have passed the Plus Test to 25 kg. HiWay is as compact as Minikid but will last to age four or 110 cm which may or may not be long enough. MaxWay will last to around age five or 115-120 cm. and do need a touch more space than HiWay.

    Using front passenger seat with airbag off is also likely the best position for your child. This position is the safest in the car when looking at all factors and will maximise space in the car for both child and adults. HW, MW and MK allow free standing installation with a support leg but it's preferred to use support leg and also lean against the dashboard which is the strongest piece of the car. Installation is then rock solid and safety is maximised.
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