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Thread: Which car?

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    Which car?

    My dad is looking for a new car to replace his Camry.

    He must have remote start, navigation, and AWD. He wants to spend <$30k

    He was looking at the Chrysler 200. It looks like the Subaru Legacy or Impreza, Ford Fushion or Taurus, and the Dodge Charger all fit his criteria.

    Does anyone have any experience with these vehicles?

    He commutes about 2 hours a day and regularly has my niece in a booster with him as well as other adults in the back seat, so space is somewhat important.


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    I'd scratch the Chrysler 200 and the Dodge - reliability wise they completely suck.

    I'd take a good look at the Subaru Legacy as AWD is standard, fuel economy is good, reliability, safety, and resale value are all excellent.

    I'd put the Fusion in 2nd place as its a good choice, but finding one with the optional AWD could be difficult.

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    I drove a Taurus as a loaner car for several weeks last fall. It was a very comfortable car to drive and was easy to drive. It also has the biggest trunk I've ever seen. If I never or rarely drove more than my one child and one extra, it would likely be my next car. However, I frequently have 2-3 spare kids, so I need my third row for the time being.
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