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    3 car seats 5 door saloon

    Hello, we're expecting baby number 3 in Feb and struggling with what car seats as we have 2 girls in stage 2-3 car seats aged 4 and 7. We're lucky to have a car with isofix points in our car so would love to take full advantage of this. So my big question is what car seats could anyone advise or recommend or maybe tried and tested seats on buying for our 5 door saloon car please.
    Many thanks
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    Re: 3 car seats 5 door saloon

    It would be helpful to know which car you are driving? Do you have Isofix in all three positions in the rear? This would be very unusual. It would also be helpful to know what other seats are being used.

    Three across should in general be avoided unless there are no other choices. It's difficult to make three seats fit well regardless of vehicle used. Using Isofix and three across is almost never a good option. This is due to Isofix connectors being placed lose to middle of the car. Seats installed with belt can be nudged a little to the sides to crate a little more room in middle rear.

    To get a good installation in middle rear is also not easy. Kids who sit in middle rear are also often buckled in far worse compared to kids sitting outboard. Using front passenger seat with airbag off is usually a far better solution. This is the safest place for a rear facing child. Especially when leaning against dashboard so the seat will ride down the huge forces with body of the car. It will also maximise space in the car both for adults and kids.

    Your FF kids will be just as safe, or safer, in front passenger seat with airbag off but it's often preferred to have the smallest on up front. Kids are often far calmer when seeing their parent and the driver less distracted due to not constantly checking on the rear.
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