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    Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    Hi! My husband and I would like to purchase a midsize pickup truck. We are from NYC so we've never purchased a car before. We have been doing a lot of research and we know that full size pickups are better for car seats but we are finding they are just more expensive than we want to spend. Also, in case this matters, since it is his first car purchase, he is very particular and wants only the off-road models like the Tacoma TRD pro, Chevy Colorado z71 (He wants to go "have fun" upstate from time to time). So, any midsize pickup trucks that will be able to safely install a rear facing infant seat? If you have multiple suggestions please include them all AND also please let me know which is the best choice of all the options in your professional opinion! Also, if it is totally unsafe for an infant to ride in a midsize pickup even with a double cab, please let me know that as well. Thanks!

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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    We've got a bigger truck so I don't know much about the small ones, but if you'll want to be towing a travel trailer at any point in time, don't get something small like the Tacoma.
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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    What about something like a Ford F-150 or a Dodge Ram 1500? They're bigger than a Tacoma or a Colorado but they aren't HUGE. They'd be a lot easier to fit a car seat into too and be more versatile than a smaller truck. A small truck is fine of course, if that's what you really want, just be aware of their limitations.

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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    You can get an F150 for about the same as a Taco. Just sayin. We've owned both and the Tacoma is a waste of money, not to mention a car seat nightmare.

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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    Another F150 driver here. (it's my daily driver and I have the kids all the time, and live in a city) We didn't even look at the smaller/mid sized ones, but if I can be helpful showing you anything about mine, I'd be happy to.

    You could look at the FX4 which is the more sporty version. (I have an XLT, one model below it)

    I'd also consider your end use. We love ours, but geez, after planning to just tow our tent trailer and now thinking about moving up to a full travel trailer, we kind of wish we had just a hair more cargo (weight) capacity. We have the towing package but not max tow/max payload.

    I find the trucks kind of a "once you have one, you find uses that would make a BIGGER one even better" type thing :P.

    But I do really love it.
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    My DH & my dad have F150 FX4s. They are awesome for seats, and easy enough to drive in town. I live in a small city and have no trouble borrowing one of the trucks to go to bigger cities.
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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    Another F150 owner here! We love it, it's not HUGE. Gas mileage is not bad. My husband takes it into downtown LA everyday - no issues with parking & the like.
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    Of the 2 you listed I'd go with the Tacoma. The Colorado is ok but simply can't compete in terms of performance, ground clearance, reliability and resale value. You might be able to find a good deal on a 2015 Tacoma as the 2016 is all new.

    Having said that, if you don't mind going to a full size the F150 is beautiful and very nice. My dad has had one for 10 years. He just traded his 2014 for the new 2015 and loves it.

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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Seems like the F150, IF it really is the sameish price as the Tacoma, is the best choice. I find it hard to compare prices because of all the different packages and add ons but maybe once we get out car buying sea legs, all the information will start coming together and making sense.
    Thanks again!

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    Re: Looking to purchase midsize pickup truck

    One thing to note: You can safely fit a car seat rear facing in a smaller truck, as long as the manual allows it. In most cases that just means that the seats aren't sideways or some fold down models. If you are looking at 4 door cabs, most of these have 3 full seating positions in the back. So if you are set on something a little smaller, you should be able to find a set to work. You may just be limited to the more compact car seats. (
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