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    Need help keeping a tal 2 year old RF long

    Hi! We have a 2 year old that is 31lbs and 38 inches tall. We want to keep her rear facing as long as possible. I looked up the 'usual' growth of kids from 2-4 and the estimates are 3-5 inches a year and 4-5 lbs....she would either out weigh or be too long around 3 years old for RF.

    We live in US, have a 2015 toyota highlander hybrid (captain seats only in second row). We only need one car seat in the car.

    I was considering the diono, Clek Fllo and Graco 4ever.

    Tried the diono in our car and it won't fit rear facing with angle adjuster and allow anyone with legs to sit in the seat in front of them- so that is not an option.

    Tried the Clek and it fit great (I love the anti rebound bar idea and it fits too)-- good weight limit RF but only 43 inches height

    Tried the Graco 4 ever it fits fine (no rear facing tether or anti rebound bar option)-- but weight limit for rear facing 40 lbs (height is not an issue)

    Any suggestion of other options or am I just being unrealistic to keep her rear facing past 3yrs oldish based on her current growth percentiles/curves continuing???

    Thanks so much!! Any suggestions would be welcome

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    Re: Need help keeping a tal 2 year old RF long

    The Safety 1st Advance 65 EX Air + is the only seat that will buy you significantly more height AND weight. Yes, that is really its name!
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    5yo harnessed in a Britax Pioneer, one 3yo RF in a Fllo and another 3yo RF in a plum RXT, all in a 2014 Honda Accord.

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    Need help keeping a tal 2 year old RF long

    What do you have her in right now?

    I'm not familiar with your vehicle, but the back seat looks pretty spacious, so I'm surprised that a Diono with angle adjuster wouldn't fit back there, but Dionos are a little finicky and odd, and can be a little unpredictable that way.

    If you want to RF a very long time, and you want to buy now, your best bet is the Safety 1st Advance EX 65 Air+, a BRU exclusive:

    It's a BIG seat, which may or may not fit in your vehicle. It only comes in one color and doesn't have harness pads (the main reason I don't have one for my giant 8 month old.)

    My plan is to use whatever convertibles are convenient until he starts hitting RF limits on them, then reassess. Maybe he'll be close enough to 4 that I'll be ok turning him around. Maybe something new and awesome will be on the market. Maybe the Safety 1st seat will have harness pads and some awesome colors.

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    Re: Need help keeping a tal 2 year old RF long

    You do what you can with what you've got. Will your DD make it to 4yrs RF? Maybe. Maybe not. But you give it your best shot given your budget, current vehicle and seats available to you.

    My DH is 6'4" and I drive a sedan so we could never have a huge tank of a seat in the back. We use Britax seats and when he hit the limits for RF in those we flipped him.

    I will add that my son grew 6" and 8 lbs between his 2nd and 3rd birthdays. Since his 3rd birthday (7 months ago) he's only grown 2" and gained 2lbs that he loses and gains back again all the time. I find his growth to be completely unpredictable! Sometimes I do wish we RF'd him longer but I did my best and maxed out the seats we had for him.
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