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    How can I get a FF booster in Plus One seat of 2011 Odyssey

    Is a booster even an option? I went out and put a simple LB Graco out there. It seemed like it fit, but the buckle falls down the crack between the seats (wide mode) and it was work for my 8yo to find it.

    I read that the Kiddycruiser fix pro fits there, but has anyone tried it? I will have a radian in one outboard and need the other outboard to be able to flip down.

    What about the Britax Parkway? I read that it has a belt positioner - what does that even mean? Is there a way to get the buckle to stay up? Will the parkway be too wide in this position anyway?

    Thank you for your help.

    This is for an 8yo, 54lb, 49" tall. She has always been harnessed before. I would prefer not to have her in a LBB as we do take trips and she does fall asleep.

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    Re: How can I get a FF booster in Plus One seat of 2011 Odyssey

    Floppy buckle stalks stink for booster riders huh? I've seen this product "my bucklemate" and have no qualms with it for booster riders.
    No flames!!

    The belt positioner on the parkway is the secure guard clip in the crotch buckle area.

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    Re: How can I get a FF booster in Plus One seat of 2011 Odyssey

    That is one of my favorite seats for boosters, but I prefer rigid latch. It makes it super sturdy. And no projectiles.

    I read the Harmony Dreamtime fits (no latch but very affordable).

    We had our Kiddyworld Cruiserfix there and it was perfect! (But someone else would need to chime in if seat folds down next to it, as we didn't do that). The side wings are wide. Base is narrow.

    I bet Rodifix is something that couldn't go wrong.

    At least, order from a place with a good return policy in case.
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