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    Coccoro Infant Insert

    I'm trying ds2 in our coccoro. The infant insert is driving me nuts. It seems like it makes him sit wonky and he really hates it.

    The manual says 25lbs (at this rate he will be 3 before he hits that weight), but I thought I saw here Combi said a different weight was okay? 15lbs is sticking in my head, but I'm not sure.

    He is around 15lbs...goes to the doc in 2 weeks. He's on the lowest slots.
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    Re: Coccoro Infant Insert

    There are numerous threads around here hating on the Coccoro insert. Combi has said various things over the years, but now sticks to the 25 pound limit.

    My 20 pound 7 month hated the insert, too. And so did I--it seems dangerous, not just uncomfortable. He's been riding without it ever since we had to ditch the infant seat 2 months ago. I'm comfortable skipping it once the harness fit is good without it. (And at least one tech around here is, too.)

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    I have an older Coccoro and the instructions on that one say to use il the insert until 15 lbs minimum and to remove the insert at 20 lbs.

    So that's what I intend to do. Alexandra is almost 14 lbs now and at the moment I really like the insert but it does seem wrong to use it past 20.

    Just sayin'.
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