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    Question Britax Boulevard Infant Positioning Pillow

    We picked up a Britax Boulevard G4 (2014) back in November for our daughter who had just been born. We've been using a Graco Snugride but are now ready to switch to the Boulevard. This is our second Boulevard and third Britax overall, so I'm pretty comfortable with installing and using them.

    That being said, this model, unlike our old Boulevard, has this giant Infant Positioning Pillow that baby sits on and is "required" for less than 22lbs and rear facing. When this pillow is in place, and everything else is adjusted properly, the hip straps lie across the middle of my daughter's thighs. It looks very uncomfortable and doesn't look like any normal fitting car seat I've used before.

    If I remove the Infant Positioning Pillow, she fits perfectly in the car seat, everything is nice and tight, shoulder straps are at an appropriate height, and the hip straps lie across her upper-thighs/hips.

    I'm not sure whether it's safe to not use this Infant Positioning Pillow, especially considering our old Boulevard didn't have one and was a very safe car seat.

    For what it's worth, my daughter is almost 8 months old, has good head control, sits by herself, etc. She's not a wobbly-headed new born at all.

    Has anyone else run into something like this? Any thoughts on ways to deal with it?

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    Admin - CPST Instructor wendytthomas's Avatar
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    Re: Britax Boulevard Infant Positioning Pillow

    On the thighs is fine. The insert must be used until 22 pounds.

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    Yea, according to Britax the pad must be used until 22 lbs and discontinued at 22 lbs. I didn't care for the infant insert either and didn't like their wording in the manual but the strap positioning is safe/tested to that size. This was one time I wished my DS would gain weight faster--he used that inset until he hit 22 lbs at 18 months.
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    That's the G4 seat the straps are 2-3 in longer then the previous model . Hence why you have to use that pillow til 22 lbs and the previous model didn't have it .

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    Re: Britax Boulevard Infant Positioning Pillow

    We have an Advocate (2011) and it has nothing for an infant. A lumbar pillow I guess.

    I did just order the infant foam thing for 5-11 lbs. though so a baby can use it well.
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