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    Mazda5 or Odyssey

    I'm a mama to a 16 month old toddler and plan to TTC #2 in June/July/August. My DD will be 2.5 by the time the new baby arrives. I plan on getting a BReady stroller with the double seat. I was wondering if it will fit in the Mazda5. I was planning to get the 2016 Honda Pilot but I don't need that many seats. I hate minivans.

    I love the Mazda5 but it definitely has a narrow trunk space but I'm only gonna have 2-3 kids so it's an non issue.

    What would you do?
    Tiffany, Mama to my lil ladybug, Kianna, 11/10/13, riding in a Graco 4Ever and Cosco NEXT, TTC#2 who will get either Graco 4Ever or Britax B-Safe35.
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    Well, when my second kid was a few months old, we went car shopping. We were leaning toward an Odyssey or Sienna, but I wanted to check out the 5. The sales guy at the Mazda dealership asked if it was going to be our everyday car. I said yes, and he said, "This isn't what you want. Go buy an Odyssey."

    So we did. When I look at the 5 now, it seems so small. If you like cars and want a sedan-type feel that can fit a couple kids, it's probably fine. If you want room and lots of ability to change things around, go with a van.

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    Re: Mazda5 or Odyssey

    For 2 kids for the foreseeable future, I'd say a midsize sedan like a Subaru Legacy would be no more expensive and be safer, too.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    I can't answer your stroller question, sorry.

    We bought our Mazda5 new in 2010 and it has been trouble-free. Now, with my in-laws living with us AND expecting baby #3, we may be looking at a minivan in the next year or two. But I'm not sorry I've been driving a smaller car this whole time. I really like my 5, and I drive it all the time.
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    A B Ready will fit in a 5 if the third row is folded. I have 3 kids and it's our everyday car. I love it.
    Amy~ Canadian tech instructor (CRST-I), Mama to Peter (4.20.08), riding in a Diono Monterey and a Clek Ozzi; Jasper (4.25.11), riding in a Britax Frontier CT and a Graco Nautilus; and Ruby, riding in a Clek Foonf; wife to my CRST hubby, Chris

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    Re: Mazda5 or Odyssey

    I'd go with a midsize car for sure.
    Easy to drive, good visibility, and for just 2 kids, well, plenty of room!
    We only got a van because we were having #4.
    The midsize car was awesome for 3 kids. We had a Malibu.

    I could never handle a heavy stroller. Gave up on those! I basically did a double umbrella (a funny fit for the new baby for at 3 months it was doable). I think ours was rated 3 months and up actually.
    I have a Joovy Sit and Stand that fits the baby carseat, but the 2 YO would never sit and just broke the seatbelt on it! So much for that.
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    + 2 Recaro Performance boosters in spare car

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