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    New vehicle help! UPDATE in 1st post w pics!

    Update! I'm super happy with the way things turned out. I was obsessively stalking Odysseys on and Autotrader for like a week straight, and then just when I had gotten all the various insurance checks and other stuff deposited into my account, a new listing popped up and it was perfect! I ended up getting a 2008 EX-L in slate green metallic. It was just traded in like 2 days before I bought it, and luckily I was able to put down a deposit since I couldn't go pick it up for a few days. There ended up being a waiting list of people interested if I didn't end up taking it! It was in perfect condition and the price was awesome so I'm not surprised. It was perfect because it has a DVD player but no navigation, and I was planning on getting an Alpine Carplay unit installed anyways.

    Here it is in my gross muddy driveway It looks different colors in different lights. But I like it.

    And of course the car seats!

    So our Grand Caravan just got totaled, and I'm looking to replace it with something else. I thought the Mazda 5 was my ideal vehicle, but now I'm seeing that it has really bad crash tests when it comes to side impact and overlap?

    I don't want to spend more than $10K and we'll be paying cash so hopefully that will help us out in bargaining.

    Should I go with a bit older Odyssey with higher miles? (We have a CRV and love it, despite its carseat un-friendliness)

    Newer Kia minivan with lower miles?

    I don't necessarily feel I NEED a huge minivan after having one for a few years, which is why I would have liked the Mazda, lower gas mileage and all. I wouldn't mind a smaller vehicle at all, in fact I would prefer it. But I just cannot deal with having the kids all in one row, I will tear my hair out.

    Helllllllpppppp! I don't want to buy something and then realize I hate it/car seat install sucks/etc etc etc.

    I guess I should have said that DD1 is 8 and still in a HBB, she has a Parkway. DS has a Parkway and a Kiddy Cruiserfix, DD2 has a Frontier85 in the CRV and a brand new Diono Ranier for the new vehicle.
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