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    Smile best convertible car seat for dd


    I'm a first time mom to an 8 month old baby girl who doesn't like her infant seat anymore and am looking for the best convertible car seat for her. I'll number my priorities from most important to least:
    1) High height-limit: I'd like to keep her rear-facing as much as possible. She's 28 in and weighs 17 lbs and seems to have a long torso. Therefore I'm more concerned about her outgrowing her car seats because of height rather than weight.
    2) Easy to install correctly (safety always) in different vehicles aka built-in seat belt lock-offs?: Our main car is a 2007 Nissan Versa Hatchback but we find ourselves riding in our families' cars (which range from compact cars to a 12 passenger van) very often so we need a car seat that can be installed correctly in different vehicles and with passengers and/or other car seats around.
    2.5) Can be easily installed correctly in center seat of most, if not all vehicles (safest place right?)
    3) Budget-friendly: Who doesn't like to save...
    4) Narrow and with a long life-span: We do plan on our little family growing and would like to not have to keep purchasing car seats because we find out they don't fit with each other, etc...

    So far, the car seats on my radar based on my research are:

    Chicco NextFit
    Clek Foonf
    Clek Fllo
    Diono Radian R100
    Evenflo SureRide
    Graco Head Wise
    Graco My Size
    Graco Size4Me
    Safety 1st Advance 70 Air + (Plus)
    Safety 1st Elite Air 80
    The First Years True Fit Premier C670
    The First Years True Fit SI C680/I-Alert C685

    Am I missing any? Which of these or others would you recommend based on my priorities? Should I prioritize something else or not worry so much about something? Any info is appreciated! Thanks so much for reading and for taking the time to help me!

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    Carseat Crazy Cnidaria's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    Well, first off you can knock the True Fits off your list because they've been discontinued!

    The Evenflo SureRide and Safety First Advance Air Plus take up a lot of space front to back when rear-facing. So might not be the best when installing in various different cars that might have small back seats.

    I think your best bet is probably going to be one of the Graco "clones" - MySize, Size4Me, etc. They're all more or less the same seat that go by different names, and some have slightly different features. They're good for tall children and will allow her to RF until the full 40 lb RF weight limit, are compact front to back and relatively budget-friendly. I would suggest playing with one of them and the NextFit as a point of comparison, test-installing them in your car.

    Clone comparison chart:
    Mom to tall guy, 6, in a Frontier 90 and Graco Affix
    - - - and small guy (not so small any more!), 3, RFing in a Clek Fllo and Cosco Scenera NEXT

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    Carseat Crazy Cnidaria's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    If you're willing to go up quite a lot in price (I see that the Foonf and Fllo are on your list), a Britax ClickTight Marathon or Boulevard might be worth looking at too. They're super super easy to install, but heavy to lug between cars at almost 30 lbs, and have somewhat limited leg room for RFing.

    The first group of seats here are particularly good for tall children:
    Mom to tall guy, 6, in a Frontier 90 and Graco Affix
    - - - and small guy (not so small any more!), 3, RFing in a Clek Fllo and Cosco Scenera NEXT

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